... and welcome to our website.  Just a quick introduction.  We're Trevor and Jan from Lancashire (UK), we're in our mid-forties, our 3 boys have fled the nest, we both work in IT, love being outdoors, are passionate about scuba diving and this is the story of our mid-life crisis :o)

We're really glad you found us and hope that you enjoy following us as we prepare for our gap year and go on our adventure of a lifetime! 


After 501 days on the road,
Sully has been packed safely
into a container
and is on her way home.
We follow next week.
What an amazing life experience!!

We live to plan another trip.

At Durban Terminal
waiting to be packed in a container
Waiting for her strapping


Interested in our fuel calculations, costs & consumption so far?
Click Here
With a roll of drums and blare of trumpets, Trevor has finally managed to finish the LONG awaited article on Sully's mods.  Click here to read

We have funded this trip 100% ourselves but during it we'll be raising money for SOS Children's Villages.  The money we raise is going towards building a much-needed medical centre for an SOS Village in the process of being built, Chipata in East Zambia.  The village will provide homes for 180 children orphaned by malaria or AIDS.  Please consider sponsoring us by donating some money to them and many, many thanks to all those who have donated already.  So far, along with the private donations that we have already received, we have also managed to "sell" advertising space on Sully so she is now sporting a livery of different logos - 100% of that money has gone towards the SOS total as well. 

We'll be visiting a few projects during our travels to show you how your money's being spent.  Click on the SOSCV picture below for more info. 


So please sponsor us now!  Come on, folks, these innocent children  a chance to have a family, to be loved, to be educated - give them a chance, that they wouldn't have without you, to succeed.


How it all started...   


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