Day 1

Well, we've plucked up the courage and finally made the first major step.  It's as terrifying as it's exciting.  But after talking about this for the last 6 years, and our plans & dreams having changed on almost a weekly basis, we have now decided that the time is right.  We are saying "kwaheri" to this life as we know it at home in the UK and temporarily (well, who knows?) exchanging it for 18 months of overlanding down the east coast of Africa from the Equator to Southern Africa.

It has become so real that we've officially told everyone at work and the planning has started. OMG middle-aged hippies unite!  Instead of grappling each night with networks and wireless comms, it's now ....well, networks and wireless comms till March 2009 and having to keep our heads together to continue to work till then.  But this alongside deciding which countries to visit, what activities to do, learning Swahili (nasema KiSwahili kidogo lahkini si vizuri sana), applying for new passports, buying visas, ID cards, kitting Sully out, injections, insurance ... and so the list goes on.  It seems to be never-ending at the moment - somewhat like a wet gremlin or a grey hair - as we remove one, 5 more appear instantly ;o)

So here's what we think we're going to do.

Its more our intended route and the countries we'd like to visit as opposed to exactly where we're going.  We'll be flying to Dar es Salaam whilst Sully is shipped there in a container.  Once we pick her up, we will spend some time acclimatising, checking Sully over, doing last minute shopping, having final moments of hysteria (!!??) before we begin our journey by popping up to the equator and turning left from there towards Uganda, then following the red track.


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tanti salutti da giovanni sansica

sono una mica di giuliana cgil ciao tutti


Thank you for your message.  It is good to know that you are able to follow our journey. With kind regards Trevor and Jan