Day 279 – Shakedown

Oh my god, you don’t realise how cold it is outside till you sleep in it!!! We spent last night at a campsite in Peterborough, making a first cursory test of our equipment and kit.

It will take a little time for us to become familiar with everything but we are finding that so far we have made some good decision on design and are really pleased. We’ll continue to let you know what works and what doesn’t and things we will keep and those we’d change.

Supper worked out well and despite the freezing cold fog, we prepared a really nice vegetable savoury rice, grilled lamb chops in rosemary and garlic and gravy. Who says you can’t cook on 2 rings of gas? We are really pleased that we held on to the idea of a kitchen enclosure and have stocked it with all the usual dried herbs and spices and a couple more unusual ones to boot. The kitchen isn’t quite ready yet but as soon as its done, we’ll post some pictures to show you.

And then it was time for bed….

Lesson 42

When its cold you need a heater.

Lesson 43

When you need to run a heater, you need electricity.

Lesson 44

Despite having a 220V commando socket fitted to Sully and being able to have access to power all night (and for as long as we want), it is imperative to carry a corresponding commando socket to plug into the campsite electricity

Lesson 45

Borrowing an extension cable and a heater without a commando socket means you have to “make a plan” to get the electricity from the campsite pole to the vehicle.

Lesson 46

Joining 2 arbitrary extension cables together using insulation tape means that at 4am the rabbits (in a joyful mood), see who can jump the highest to dislodge said cable joint resulting in loss of heating, much swearing and a frigid trip down the slippery ladder to re-join said cable whilst threatening shivering bunnies with imminent loss of life!!

Lesson 47

Word spreads fast. Bunnies beat out a message to the killer mallard ducks who take delight in sneaking up behind Trevor so see who can elicit the biggest reaction from an unexpected mobbing and quacking (laughing??!!)



We under-estimated the time needed to break camp and having effectively woken up the campsite, local neighbours and everyone living within a 20mile radius, we managed to get everything packed, stowed safely and locked away.

Here's a glimpse of Sully on her first night out having survived our bumbling.

SG100698 SG100700

Having a quiet breakfast would have been fabulous but worried about what wildlife would descend on us next, we beat a hasty retreat to the safety of the Footloose4x4 workshop.

#1 John Stevens on 4.04.2009 at 3:02 PM

Hi again.

You could use an electric blanket plugged into your inverter. They draw very little current and keep you very warm!! Very difficult to get up in the morning though!!

#2 Jan on 4.06.2009 at 5:20 AM

Hi John,

Great idea!