Contacts and websites

Here are some links to other overlanders' websites that you may find interesting.  Everyone is currently (July 2009), or has recently been, on the road.


Trip 1 : UK - SA via Middle East & East Africa

Mark and Jason riding their bikes south from Cairo to Ethiopia

Amy and Paul travelling from UK to New Zealand (their home country)

Tim & Kim Otte managing Tim Kim Village on Lake Tana

Angela and Andrew travelling from UK to South Africa

Anja and Jörg travelling from Germany to South Africa

Richard and Heather travelling from UK to South Africa

Bob and Jackie travelling in Sandy from UK to South Africa

Kate and Ben travelling in Helga from Kenya to South Africa

Stuart and Fiver travelling from South Africa to Germany in their Land Rover Defender

Martin and Jet travelling from Holland southwards on the West coast of Africa and now on their way back up the East coast home

The Danbys travelling in Dylan and towing Daisy on their way from South Africa back to UK

Rob & Nicolette travelling from SA - Kenya and back

Jackie & Bossie travelling from Windhoek - Uganda and back


Trip 2 : SA - Zambia - SA

Linda and Jacques managing Mukambi Safari Lodge, Zambia

Pieter & Rita from California travelling from Malawi back to SA