Find of the week

Here are some links you may find interesting.  We'd love you to send us an email or leave a comment if you have any links that we'd find interesting and that we can share.


Although we are using a Nature-Pure filter in the kitchen for water purification, we are also going to be treating water before it goes into the tanks.  To do this we are using Katadyn Micropur Forte 50 000 powder.  This way we have purified and stabilised water in the tanks for general use and then we only need to use the filtered water for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking and washing fruit & veggies.  This takes the load off the Nature-Pure and increases the lifespan of the filters which are quite expensive and purify only 1900l each.  Whereas the Micropur, which comes in a tub of 500g (light and takes up a tiny space), purifies and stabilises 50,000l of water.  Ha, ha I hear you cry, how do you accurately weigh out powder in 0.2g quantities (for 20l water) which is what we measure in using a jerry can.  Your local drug dealer can provide a coke scale at a reasonable price!!!!!! (I have had to do some strange things prepping for this trip ...... this is top of my list for the strangest!!!)

Having the kitchen and workshop enclosures installed left us with the issue of how to light the areas.  Of course, we are limited on power so we needed something that used as little as possible.  We found triple-bright LED strip lighting that's both waterproof and dustproof - the strip of LEDs is completely sealed.  Because of my height (or lack thereof!), we have mounted the strip on a 90deg angle so that when the door is open the light is angled into the enclosure.  The light on the workshop enclosure door provides great ambient light but when the door is closed, also doubles up as lighting for inside the storage area. Neat!

 ...and for a natural deoderant that won't scare off the animals (or frighten the better half!), with no working parts that lasts for months (thanks Trevor B), here's a great find PitRok Crystal Deodorant

We've had a range of bags made to order from Bags 4 Everything.  Mark is a great help and has made up bags for us at a really great price.  We have ordered a myriad of shapes and sizes to cover braai (bbq) grids, sets of pots, different coloured bags with clear plastic lids to seperate our medical kit and a custom "toilet" bag to carry and protect a toilet roll, matches, a small bottle of hand sanitizer (and a nappy sack if full disposal is required!) that attaches conveniently to the spade :o)

 Dinky 3.7ml bottles of Tabasco Sauce containing a single serving just in case you can't do without some spice!  The bottles are glass but come packed in a fabulous little cardboard box to protect them.  No more opening a big bottle and months later finding grotty bits floating in a split sauce - eughhhh.

Freeze Dried Foods - European Freeze Dry.  The foods weigh approximately 10% of re-hydrated quantities ie 100g bananas=1Kg and can be eaten dried or re-hydrated. Do yourself a favour and try some as the quality is fabulous.

  Camp Toilet -

  Folding Plastic Wine Glass (Fab!) -  (In the Search box enter WINE GLASS and then click on details button)

  Freeze Dried (powered) Red Wine - (also mulled red wine).  Each pack weighs 60g and makes 200ml wine with between 8.2% and 9.2% vol.

  Powdered Whole Egg - Supercookonline.  Just add water to make scrambled eggs.  We'd suggest making this up with powdered milk and some peppers/onions for flavour.  Or simply replace fresh eggs with 2 tablespoons of powdered egg (and water) in any recipe.

  AA battery to D battery convertor  we are taking these so that we only have to take 1 size of rechargeable battery & they work really well! - Eurobatteries - suggest you just go and have a look :o)

Zodi Hot Showers - Something we really wanted to travel with.  As they are manufactured in USA and they don't have CE approval, you can't buy them anywhere here in the UK.  But they are well worth bringing in personally (if you are prepared to take the risk of no certification!!!) and a fantastic buy.  We have bought the HP version with 2 burners to connect directly up to our propane/camping gaz bottles.  The double burner heats UK winter-cold water to hot enough to have a great shower and takes up as much space as a man's walking boot.

  Stainless steel braai (BBQ) grids - Grids that won't rust, that clean well and have slide-away handles for better packing.  We had to bring these over from South Africa as there was nothing comparable here in the UK.

  Golden Products - Super 10 and LDC  - Biodegradable, concentrated (makes up to 10 litres of heavy duty cleaner) and gentle on hands.  With these 2 products you can clean & de-grease engines & braai (BBQ) grids through to washing dishes (no rinsing required), clothes & hands.  In addition, they can be used in all types of water including cold or salt/sea water.  I have put a link here for a UK distributor that I have found recently but can't vouch for them as, once again, we brought the products in from SA (the links to the product info is the SA website).