More Useful Things

a_SG102303 Our little spray bottle has been invaluable.  We started off in UK with having a spray bottle from SA that had a motorised fan as well.  The fan was pretty much ineffectual but the spray fabulous.  We've since lost that one and replaced it with a bottle we found in Jordan.  It is filled with whatever water is to hand and the fine misting on your skin provides enough evaporation to keep you cool even in the desert even with hot water.


a_SG102310 The fan has lived in our roof tent since Syria.  It runs off 8 D-Cell batteries (Our Find of the Week page chats about the batteries we are using) that last for 8 hours on low which is the speed we generally use, has a 12V and 220V input although running this directly off battery without being attached to mains drains the battery.  When we use this in conjunction with the spray - bliss!!!!


a_SG102304 This idea came from a chat with Trevor's brother-in-law (thanks, Pete!!) who keeps a bottle of water under the aircon outlet in his Land Cruiser cab.  We found the cup holders in CarCraft in UK.  They can be used for most bottle sizes up to 500ml and also hold our insulated mugs.  A bottle of 40degC water cools down in front of the aircon within 20 minutes.  Trevor calls it our 3rd fridge!


#1 TrevorB on 7.17.2009 at 10:26 PM

Regarding batteries: worth checking out ReCyko AA rechargable batts, keep 85% of charge even after 12 months, avoids problem of 2 weeks of inactivity and finding them flat.

#2 Kate Hodge on 7.28.2009 at 10:49 AM

Hi Guys!

Well! Sounds like you two are having a whale of a time! I was not sure where to leave this message, like a classic hodge, I am completely foxed by all things computer! However, I am preparing to go away too and when you guys were round for dinner you said you would give me some advice on travel insurance and I was just wondering if that offer still stood? I am just not too sure which company is best and I don't want to be screwed over by some loophole. Hope the birds and animals are making good company! Lots of love xxxx