Useful things on the road

Hozelock portashower When we are wild camping we have found the Hozelock Portashower to be fantastic!  It has a 5l capacity and the pressure that you can build up in it gives a fabulous spray.  Between the 2 of us we can shower using only 1 fill.  We use about 1.5l each while the rest is used if I need to wash my hair.  We do use this in conjunction with a litre of water in a basin to wet and soap a sponge.  If water is a bit more scarce, this can obviously be cut down even more.   We got ours from www.tooled-up .com for £18.59.  Click on the picture to go there.  Having checked through our local garden centre though before we left, there were very similar shower type bottles used for weed killing/spraying and they had smaller capacities ie 3l.


shewee Girls, this one's for you.  The Shewee is amazing.  I had my reservations about using it .... but no longer.  No more hovering over stinky, horrible loos as this allows you to stand and pee.  Once you get the hang of using it, its pretty wicked and despite what Jeremy Clarkson says, I can attest to the fact that it works!  Give it a try. 


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#1 Jim Jan Turner on 6.03.2009 at 12:45 AM

Hi we have met we spent an afternoon with Paul and yourselves while our eeziawn was fitted to our disco 3,but we have only just found your site,looking at your trip is inspiring us even more i am afraid we are still doing holidays away but we have now got a new puma 110 like youselves,one peice of kit you have is the zogi hp hot tap how did you aquire it because I emailed them and they said they cant ship to the uk yet did you buy from an independent dealer? your help would be great,enjoy yorselves we will be watching.

yours Jim Jan


Hi Jim & Jan, we hope you're enjoying the new 110 cause we are.  We are so glad that we held out for her rather than take the TD5 which is when we originally started looking.  So far, (touch wood please!!) no problems except ones we've created!! The aircon is great - we are in Jordan in Aqaba at the moment and the temp is running at 50degC plus some days and we are keeping cool. 

To be honest although the Zodi's on our page of Find of the Week, we'll probably be taking it off.  We bought it through a friend in the states and then they shipped it over to us.  Since we brought it with we have used it a total of 0 times. :o) and will be donating it to one of the SOS Children's Villages that we pass through.  We set it up once but it used up so much gas that we switched it off.  We have found what works 100 times better is the Hozelock Shower.  A 5l bottle that you can pressurise.  It gives a great shower that uses little water whilst still giving a great shower.  We boil up 1 kelly kettle of water (1.2l) and add that to 3.5l of cold water and the temp is perfect.  We use this in conjunction with 2l warm water in a basin to wash my long hair etc.  Hope this helps you to make a decision.  Happy travels.  Take care & regards Trevor & Jan.