Day 001 France : Ashford - Reims

Day 001 France

Mileage 378 km (235 miles)    
Diesel Costs €1.01 - €1.07    
Toll Fees €19.00    
Stopover Camping Municipal Val de Vesle N49 09.924 E4 12.945 €9.21
Clean, neat and friendly


The sun shone all the way to Reims and we had a great drive on our first day out.  Sully attracts some amazing attention and everywhere we go people want to have a chat and find out what we're doing and why.  Anyway, we've decided to take it easy in Europe and even though it's going to cost us a bit more (quite a lot more we've discovered), we're going to use campsites and forego the stress at finding free/wild campsites. 

We met up with some lovely people on our first night out.  Birgitta & Bertel from Stockholm were parked up next to us (PS: Hi both, give the papillons a kiss from us!!) with Ben arriving a little later on his motorbike.  Ben's also doing an overland trip although his plans are much more fluid ie he hasn't quite planned yet where he's going yet but, "Hi Ben, perhaps we'll meet up somewhere in Africa".

On leaving at our campsite on Wednesday morning we discovered that it's prime white asparagus country and bought some from a farm right outside the campsite.  Turns out, our French is pretty crap and using 6 fingers to mime 6 pieces illicited much mirth from the decidely French farmers when they realised it wasn't 6Kgs that we wanted but 6 pieces....  Regardless, the asparagus was an absolute delight as we noshed on a couple of pieces whilst we were driving (the rest were deposited safely in the beer fridge for later).