Day 002 France : Reims - Dijon

Day 002 France

Mileage 319 km (198 miles)    
Diesel Costs €1.01 - €1.07 Dijon Centre: €0.929 (cheaper than at the services!)
Toll Fees €14.00    
Stopover Camping Du Lac N47 19.319 E5 00.658 €13.50 incl electricity
Clean but rustic (no toilet seats!)


We decided that instead of wasting money on toll roads, we would take a scenic route down to Dijon.  We had spotted a lake on the GPS maps just after Saint Dizier - Lac Du De-Chantecoq.  Having a coffee at Mackie D's to take advantage of the free Wifi in Vitry, we also noticed a board declaring the forthcoming lake as an area of outstanding natural beauty.  It turns out that it was not the best decision to have made and the board at Mackie D's was wrong - don't believe anything they say!!  The lake is horrible - flat land all around developed into camping sites with mobile homes and pretend "beaches"...  On our way back to our route to get to Dijon, we passed through some beautiful countryside especially Brienne-Le-Chateau which, as you drive up to it, is dominated by a beautiful chateau (would you believe) overlooking the town from the top of the hill.  There is also a Napoleon Museum here if that sort of stuff interests you.

We were still trying to get into a regime of driving and after our detour, a bit of a stressful couple of days before setting off, a late lunch (resulting in very low blood sugar) and the weather closing in, we had our first argument!  Although, we still managed to successfully navigate our way to the camp site and set up before dark.  Sully was still attracting an enormous amount of attention and again we were chatting to people for at least an hour before we could start supper.  Burgermeester Grumpy Growl's blood sugar dropped even further but was cured by a meal of Toulouse sausages, fried potatoes and salad.  I've said it before and I'll say it again another hundred times - its amazing what you can do on 2 gas rings.....