Day 005-007 Italy : Montignoso

Cuscinetta di Paradiso.  Now if you bear with me for a moment whilst I explain what these little miracles are, the name of which came to me when I first popped one in my mouth.  The direct translation is "little cushions of heaven".  They are, in fact, Zia Giuliana's (Aunt Giuliana) handmade ravioli covered in Zio Roberto's (Uncle Roberto) homemade sugo/passata (tomato sauce).  This set the tone for the rest of our stay as we ate our way through 3 days of preparing to celebrate, celebrating and getting over the celebrations!  But the lasting memory that will be with us forever is the way we were taken in by the family and made to feel so welcome.  Annarosa and Tim, thank you.  We had a fabulous time. 

The wedding was the most fantastic ceremony we have ever had the privilege of witnessing.  Don Gio (the priest who married Tim and Annarosa) takes your breathe away.  Given half the chance, he could convert us back to religion and belief in the blink of an eye.  He is the most incredible person and his spirituality literally lights up the church.  The service was one like we had never seen before.  I sang the first song (Can you feel the love tonight - Elton John) to open the service and when I'd finished, Don Gio lead the congregation in enthusiatic clapping (clapping?? in a Roman Catholic Church??).  Although the service was in Italian and some parts in Latin, we were able to follow - it was electric in it's sincerity and reverence.  After communion Don Gio handed out cups of coffee (espresso) to Tim, Annarosa and myself.  And so the service continued with Don Gio having a little burst of dancing off to the side during the last song.  What a gig! Now if that wasn't a wedding to remember, I don't know what would be.  Tim and Annarosa, although it was your 2nd service, we loved being there and here's wishing you love and happiness for many, many years.  I swear, we'll still be talking about it when we're sitting on a verandah in our rocking chairs in 40 years time. 

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Tim & Annarosa before the service Tim & Annarosa before the service The rings During the service Drinking coffee during the service
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In church Don Gio Tim & Annarosa with Don Gio Tim & Annarosa with Zia Guiliana and Zio Roberto The deed is done!
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Flowers in the church A view from the church At the wedding lunch At the wedding tea Getting ready to leave Montignoso


#1 Locatelli don Giovanni (don Giò) on 4.29.2009 at 12:10 AM

Carissimi, vi stò accompagnando come promesso nel vostro viaggio. Grazie del bellissimo commento sulla santa Messa. Grazie delle vostre osservazioni, acute, attente, meravigliate, silenziose, religiose. Potrà sembrare strano ma è certo lo Spirito non ha lingua di cittadinanza, lo Spirito di Dio, parla al nostro cuore, lo Spirito ci mostra il suo vero volto. L'amicizia è un dono grande. E' questo dono che l'uomo a volte non scopre, ma è dentro di noi. Un bacio affettuoso, e un grazie sincero. don Giò


Don Gio, we carry your friendship in our hearts.  Damon is with us as you promised. With much love and affection, Trevor and Jan