Day 008 Italy : Montignoso - Grosetto

 Day 008 Italy


Mileage 264 km (164 miles)    
Diesel Costs €1.03 - €1.12    Cheapest in Lucca at €1.03
Toll Fees      
Talamone International Camping Village N42 33.904 E11 08.372 €21.00 outrageous! 


The day started out tinged with sadness as we said arrivedecci to Tim, Annarosa and the rest of the family.  We waved goodbye and were on our way to Lucca.  After managing to negotiate some busy Italian roads and find a parking in Lucca, it was just a short walk to enter the walled city.  And what a wall! 

a_SG101302 The wall must be at least 20m thick and encloses the inner city.
a_SG101312 The view of the Lucca cathedral made form marble.  A breath-takingly beautiful building.
a_SG101313 One of the cathedral doors.

We went from the cathedral across Piazza St Martino and into the Church and Baptistry of Sts. Giovanni and Reparata archeological site.  The original site has been found to be Roman and each successive layer (another 4 of them) just built on top of the others. 

a_SG101317 One of the painted ceilings in the site a_SG101322 Original medieval graffiti - they were doing it in those days already.  A bit more labour intensive though having to etch it out!


Then it was off to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower and, my god, it really leans!  We thought it might have a bit of a list but it is really quite noticable.  We decided to take the obligatory pics of holding up the tower and found that, no matter what language is spoken, everyone finds it hysterically funny doing the same thing.

a_SG101346  a_SG101350  a_SG101351  a_SG101352


Then stopped for lunch outside of Pisa on the way to Grosetto watching the shipping passing through the Med into Livorno a_SG101357

and ended up in our chosen camp for the night just outside Grosetto.  All we can say is stay away!  What a revolting place.  To cap it all we were also exhausted, hungry and just a bit forlorn from having left Tim and Annarosa and the rest of the family behind in Tuscany.  It was raining, cold, damp and miserable and life sucked at that moment.  But..... when everything else seemed like it was ghastly, out came one of the gifts from Zia Guiliana and bowl of hot, nourishing, homemade, delightful, filling faro soup was produced from the depths of the fridge.  aaaah.  Life was bearable again.


#1 Hans and Hanneke on 4.24.2009 at 9:54 PM

Hi Jan and Trevor.

Now you fixed our computer (thanks again), we can visit your site.

Great to meet two humorous people near Rome at Bracciano. You sure will make it all the way to SA with your aproach. We wish you a lot of succes in your project and a great time in getting there.

Hans en Hanneke


Hi Hans & Hanneke, it was wonderful meeting you too.  We hope you are enjoying your stay in Italy.  We are still having a wonderful time and are now in sunny Greece. Thank you for your kind thoughts.  Stay well.  Trevor & Jan

#2 Costas on 4.27.2009 at 4:03 PM

Following your blog with great interest. Seem as if you are having great fun.

That's the most important thing and together with your good sense of humour will see you through.


Gia sou Costas
Eimaste kala kai tora pame sthn Patras. Eimaste sto ferry kai edo einai kala ala sthn Igoumenitsa einai kaka. 
Trevor & Jan


#3 giovanni on 4.28.2009 at 9:16 AM

carissimi trevor e janet sono un amico della zia giuliana vi conosco perchè

lei parla sempre di voi vi saluto e vi auguro buon viaggio baci giovanni


Thank you for your message.  It is good to know that you are able to follow our journey. With kind regards Trevor and Jan

#4 giuliana on 4.28.2009 at 9:18 AM

miei cari nipoti acquistati

come va il viaggio? avete mangiato i piccoli cuscini di paradiso?

ne stò preparando altri e se volete potete tornare da noi per mangiarli.

vi abbiamo sempre nel cuor e speriamo di vedervi presto zia giuliana zio roberto


Our dear Zia Guliana and Zio Roberto, we have eaten the Cuscinetta di Paradiso tonight in Greece and they are still beautiful even in a different country. One day we will be back to eat them in Italy with you again. We are missing you all in Montignoso. Thank you for keeping in contact with us. With much love and affection. Trevor and Jan.

#5 sansica giovan battista on 4.29.2009 at 6:54 PM

ciao sono giovanni ti mando tutti saluti a

voi cugini sono una mico di giuliana