Day 009-010 Italy : Bracciano

Day 009 Italy 


Trip Distance 142 km (88 m) Total Distance 2366 km (1471 m)
Diesel Costs €1.07 - €1.11    
Average Consumption 7.8km/l 22.1 m/gal  
Lago di Bracciano
Campeggio Porticciolo N42.10506 E12.18585 €14.00 off-season special incl electricity and free wifi

The next morning we packed up as quickly as we could and set off for ... well, just anywhere other than where we were.  We were both still pretty tired but had recovered a little so decided to do a short drive and find somewhere that we could rest up for a couple of days.  Laundry was starting to become an unmanageable 20 legged beast in a bag in the back and a couple of repairs needed doing, so a stop was definitely in order.  We initially decided to camp near the coast but half way down changed tack and chose a campsite for it's proximity to a railroad and Rome.  That way we could set Sully up and leave her unpacked whilst we did what we needed to do.  So, we chose a site next to a lake called Lago di Bracciano.  As we first approached the town it looked a little tired (this becomes quite common the further down Italy we drive) but when we got to the campsite, it was beautiful.  There was a out-of-season special running for €14.00 per night including electricity and free wifi.  We chose our our site, got Sully sorted and went for a walk.  Turns out I still had my sense of humour, thank god - when I fell in the water I needed it!!!!

a_SG101371   a_SG101379

The next morning, we woke up early and had a cup of steaming coffee watching the sun rise over the lake.



Later the sputnik made it's appearance to do the laundry.  Trevor aka Ray Mears, sorted a washing line and off we went.   a_SG101387 This is another item that we are really glad we brought with us - have a look at the Find of the Week page for more information on it.

We had decided to go to Rome by train the following day (Friday) but during the afternoon got a call from BBC Radio Manchester as Alan Beswick wanted to have a chat to us during his breakfast show.  So we arranged for the interview by sat phone and put off our visit to Rome till Saturday.  It's a fabulous feeling having the freedom to be able to change arrangements at short notice.  It is something that has, until now, never sat easily with me.  Trevor, on the other hand, is much more adaptable but it's amazing how easy it is to let go and a brand new, liberating experience for me.