Day 014 Italy : Pozzuoli - Bari

Day 014 Italy


Trip Distance 330 km (205 m) Total Distance 2986 km (1856 m)
Diesel Costs €1.05 - €1.08    
Toll fees €14.00    

Blue Star Ferry (Blue Horizon)   €142.00 (airline seats only - no cabin)


By the time we woke up, despite the fact that we were within spitting distance of Mt Versuvius and Pompeii, we decided that we had had enough of volcanoes and we were going head for Greece.  We picked up the toll road and set off for Brindisi which is where we had originally intended to sail from.  The quickest route by road to Brindisi is via Bari.  By the time we got to Bari, we were tired and in need of a break so just being curious decided to check out prices from Bari.  At Dover we had already experienced that internet bookings were at least 40% cheaper than booking on the day.  Not so in Italy, the prices are the same regardless of internet or same day booking.  In addition, it cost the same whether you were sailing to either Igoumenitsa or Patras AND we discovered it is actually more expensive from Brindisi.  Decision made.

We booked the tickets, chose deck seats but because they were really not busy and weren't checking when we arrived on board, snaffled some reclining seats and settled in for the journey. 

The crossing was somewhat lumpy in the middle of the night and somehow, Trevor and I swapped, because he seemed to have ended up with my sea-legs and I ended up feeling queasy.  Despite that, we slept relatively well and arrived in Patras only 30 minutes late. 

We were itching to get going but the truck driver in front of us seemed to have abandoned ship and was nowhere to be seen when we were supposed to be driving off.  In an absolute turn-around, Trevor, seething over the driver's non-appearance, calmly opened the cab door, jumped in, started the engine, drove the cab to another space, abandoned it, handed the keys over to the ferry security and sauntered back to drive us off!  Now that may not seem like very much to you but I must clarify that this was a cab that tows large pantechnikons, has several gear sticks and air brakes and before that moment, Trevor had never been in one before!  My hero!!!