Day 015 Greece : Patras - Kato Alissos

Day 015 Greece


Trip Distance 42 km (26 m) Total Distance 3028 km (1882 m)
Diesel Costs €0.829 - €0.929    
Toll fees €1.40    
Kato Alissos
Camping Kato Alissos €14.00
Highly recommended! Clean, hot showers, toilet seats (!!), shop on site, free Wifi, great manager (Costas)


We set off from the ferry port and decided to find the first campsite for a stop-over so that we could have a well-deserved break and shower.  We have up until now been relying on Garmin to provide this information but there are no Greek campsites registered, so can't use that.  We had picked up a map in Bari that supposedly showed all campsites - not so, either. So we drove off.  As you can see above we did 42kms but it's actually only 18kms from Patras to the campsite - the rest were the navigators mistakes (ie mine!!) - I got us hopelessly lost for the first time.

The first site we came to was closed.  We had been warned that the campsites in Greece only open in June but as we were so tired and grubby, we didn't want our first wild camp to be this time.  We persevered and pushed on for another 4kms and saw the signs for Camping Kato Alissos.  Joy, it was open!  Costas welcomed us himself, gave us the wifi logins, sold us some fresh bread and milk and we set up camp for the night. 

#1 Neil on 4.30.2009 at 9:23 AM

Happy birthday Jan.

Living the dream

#2 Caroline on 4.30.2009 at 2:46 PM

Happy Birthday Janet

Can't think of anywhere better to spend it!!!


#3 gill on 4.30.2009 at 2:47 PM

Happy birthday Jan. Hope you are having a glorious birthday.

Eben Gill and boys.

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hows it going guys, happy bday Jan x

#5 Annarosa & Tim on 4.30.2009 at 8:39 PM

Hi Jan

Happy birthday from all of us, and from the family in Italy as well.

Hope you've had a super day - been thinking of you.

Big hugs... A & T

#6 Jan on 5.02.2009 at 9:52 AM

Thanks guys. Had a wonderful birthday in Greece. Couldn't think of a nicer day....We are resting up in Corinthos until Monday or Tuesday. Catch you later. Love and hugs, Jan