Day 016 Greece : Patras - Kato Alissos

We survived a really massive thunder storm last night and stayed warm and toastie in the roof-top tent.  This time (as opposed to the rain storm in Bracciano) we remember to tilt the safari awning so had no water pooling on it (and the subsequent icy deluge that tips on your head and down your back when you have to release it!).  We woke to a gloriously sunny day and donned shorts to brave the Greek sun.

Having Sully all packed out meant that we had a 3km walk to the shops (and back - that's 3kms each way) to buy provisions.  We have always said that this trip was about getting fitter and a bit leaner so we set off with shopping bags at the ready.  It was a fabulous walk to town and once there we bought some baby goat chops along with some pork and the most fabulously fresh veggies and fruit.  Note to self: remember not to eat too many dates at one sitting due to the laxative effect they have!!! 

It's just amazing at the moment because our Greek has come along in leaps and bounds and we are making ourselves understood.  Even Trevor's Franilangree-ish has disappeared and we are now speaking Greek except for a few "Si"s instead of "Ne"s for yes which I'm sure will go soon.

On the way back from the shops about 1 km from the campsite, someone stopped to offer us a lift.  Thanks, Karen, much obliged.  It was really funny that we met up with the 1 Yorkshire woman living in Greece and here she was 2 doors down from the campsite.  Small world!

So lunch consisted of a shared greek salad, dressed with a squeeze of fresh lemon that we picked from the next door tree and some fresh bread.  All eaten sitting in shade of the awning - wow!  After a leisurely kip that afternoon, Trevor wandered off and bought an amazing little braai (BBQ) from Costas (for €9 it even has a rotisserie!!) to use for supper that night.  Then he wandered over to the next door neighbour (at Costas' insistence that the neighbour wouldn't set his dogs on Trevor!) to half-inch some dried vine wood.  Our first braaied baby goat chops "Paidakia" were fabulous.