Day 017 Greece : Alissos - Petalidi

Day 017 Greece

Trip Distance 248 km (154 m) Total Distance 3276 km (2036 m)
Diesel Costs €0.85 - €1.01    
Camping Petalidi €15.50
Very basic, not much hot water, for the price not recommended

We had read so much about Kalamata being the bread basket of Greece that we decided we definitely needed to arrange a bit of an excursion off our route.  Turns out that it's not really - or perhaps we needed to have come more towards the summer months.  Anyway, despite that, the drive was gorgeous and on our way down, a trip to Olympia was almost compulsory.

We stopped in to see the ruins of the home of Mount Olympus, the greek god Zeus and beginning of the Olympic Games.  The stadium was built in 5BC - 2BC and was collapsed and ruined by a massive earthquake in 552AD.  Man that's O-L-D!!  They sure built things to last in those days.  The temple of Zeus and the statue of him are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  I guess it's like people admiring the ruins of Old Trafford and the statue of Fergie in 2000 years.  Yeah riiiiiiight.

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The centre are where athlete's practiced for the games The workshop where the statues of Zeus was created The Temple of Zeus - one of the columns was restored for the 2004 Olympic Games Some perspective on how big the columns are The restored column Trevor filming the track where the athletes competed

After a couple of hours walking around the ruins and the museum, we set off for Kalamata.  On arrival, we decided that perhaps we missed the bread basket and we'd strike out for somewhere more picturesque.  A quiet drive down the coast brought us to Petalidi.  A campsite that's a bit tired and needs some love but it was a resting place and somewhere for us to set up and have a good kip ready for our trek up the Peloponese tomorrow heading for the mainland.

#1 gary on 5.02.2009 at 12:13 PM

A fun fact about the greek temples that used to be painted really bright colours and often had awnings, they were like big social gathering places, not just for the priests. They were talked about in one of our lectures.

It looks beautiful out there, glad you guys are having fun.

And the brita filter is working like a charm, thanks a lot for it.


Hi Gaz, yeah we saw that in Olympia (or a semblance of that anyway!).  Kind of like the landie  :o)))).  The trip is indeed absolutely wonderous and each place we visit has its own character and special connection.  PS: Glad the filter is working.  Love to Teresa.

#2 Annarosa on 5.02.2009 at 9:17 PM

Hello Jan & Trev...

Just wanted to tell you I've been thinking of you guys.

Oh, I made a farro-type soup, using good old South African "stampkoring".... turned out ok, but not as great as Zia G's.

Sounds like you're having a great time - keep it up.

Hugs & Ciao


Hi Annarosa, mmmmm farro-soup.... still protecting what your aunt gave me for a "rainy" day :o).  Read all about our last 4 days - it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride! Janx


#3 Tim on 5.03.2009 at 9:01 PM

Hi, sounds like you're having a great time. Just been wondering if you rcvd the stuff from s.a.?


Howit Tim, just picked it up about 30 mins ago (8/5/09 13:00 greek time).  Thank goodness!  We're on our way to Turkey now... Thanks for your help. Trev&Jan

#4 Deborah & Darren on 5.04.2009 at 10:10 AM

Hi, Cant believe how far uve got already, hope your having a great time, take care x


Hiya Debbie, we're having a great time although I could have done whithout that last 4 days.  Thanks a mill for your help - we both really appreciate it.  Take care.  Jan & Trev

#5 omar on 5.24.2009 at 11:05 AM

may frand