Day 018 Greece : Petalidi - Korinthos

Day 018 Greece

Trip Distance 212 km (132 m) Total Distance 3488 km (2168 m)
Diesel Costs €0.90 - €1.00    
Toll Fees €2.90    
Isthmia Beach Camping N37.89086 E23.00677 €17.90 incl 20% off season discount so quite pricey
Very nice, clean toilets (no seats), some hot water, glorious views and clear seas.  View of Corinthian canal

The drive up to Korinthos was interesting.  I had suggested a drive through the mountains and Trevor took me quite literally.  He headed off the main road and into the mountains.  The track - yes, track - that we ended up following at one stage was a single lane wide with fearless Greeks overtaking us as on-coming vehicles approached at an equal pace (you get the picture, I hope!).  But, having said that, it was a beautiful, if somewhat scary drive.  The road/track was indeed through the mountains and at one stage we were that high that we were in clouds. But when we emerged, the view was spectacular. 

We were going to stop at Sparta (one of the other reasons for us coming down south) but had been told that it was little more than a pile of ancient rocks that you have to pay to see, so we decided to give it a miss as we had spent a fortune seeing Olympia.  We have completely busted our budget of £30/day so far and are trying to save a bit of money now.  Although with the campsite fees we've paid and continue to pay in Italy and Greece, this is proving to be almost impossible.  The only possible way of re-couping our losses is if we are able to wild camp or maybe get back to the fee levels we saw in France of about €9/day.  We're hoping this is going to happen in Turkey.

In the meantime, we settled in for a few days stay in Isthmia Beach.  The view from Sully is beautiful (this photo is taken from on top of the roof where the roof-tent is) a_SG101495 and we look out over clear blue water and, over to the left, the ships exiting the Corinithian Canal.

#1 Nef on 5.12.2009 at 3:29 PM

Hey you 2, looks like you're having an amzing trip already..... Saying I would love to be by that sea would be an under-statement.... Hope you're enjoying tin ellatha x


Hi Nef, we are having an absolutely fabulous time!  The weather is gorgeous - well, during the day that is but the nights get really chilly sometimes as there's no cloud covering.  Anyhoo, I will be posting more entries today, so keep reading!  Love Trevor & Jan