Day 019 Greece : Useful things

I've never heard Trevor squeal like a girl..... till today that is!  He went for a swim in the sea.  OMG!!!  The water despite being as clear as drinking water and so blue, looking so inviting, is as cold as a mountain river.  We didn't expect it to be this cold although we thought it may be a little chilly.  Needless to say, he was right back out and sitting on the beach trying to warm up in the sun - that didn't take too long.

So, we're just spending time relaxing and catching up on things - it's a bit of a slow news day.  In lieu of anything rivetting to pass on, we thought it might be a good time to have a look at some things we wouldn't do without and that have turned out to be used every day.  You'll notice that these are mostly cooking and girl's (my!) things.  When Trevor gets around to doing a blog, he'll cover the boy's stuff.  BTW he keeps promising to do one very soon, so watch this space.... :o)


a_SG101504 We have had 2 automatic demand pumps installed (Flojet Type H). 
One in the kitchen that draws water through the Nature-Pure filter.  The second draws water directly from the sill tank.  More about this on the Find of the Week page.  But what we have done as well, is to install Hozelock spray guns onto the ends of the hoses.  This way we can leave the pumps powered but not running and draw water whenever we want to without fiddling about switching the pumps on.  We are also able to manage the spray (6 different settings) and can set the guns to a mist spray which conserves a huge amount of water.  A great find from B&Q at £6.00ea.
a_SG101529 The Kershaw knives set.  These are 6 different blades with 1 handle.  With the blades fitted, the knives are balanced and the handle has a fabulous rubber grip.  The knives feel extremely safe and are incredibly sharp.  The BT-5 blade is actually a saw and is the only blade that isn't stainless steel and does need to be oiled.  The knife sets are sold for hunting as they have all the functions needed for skinning, butchering, filetting and prepping carcasses.
a_SG101505 Our stainless steel knives with "never get lost in the dark" sheaths, we use all the time.  They live in the kitchen hanging on the cargo net or on our belts.
a_SG101509 The energiser light that has 3 settings: bright white light (3xLEDS), soft white light (3xtorch bulbs) - the one we use the most - and 1xyellow LED as a night light.  This can hang upside down (as you see it) and lives in our daily box.  We use this in the roof tent - its great for reading and lighting the roof tent.  It uses 4 standard C cell batteries, we haven't changed them yet in 3 weeks and it gets used every night.
a_SG101498 The canvas roll that stores our eating utensils, prep knives and bottle opener (most important).  The top folds down and it rolls up into a neat little bundle ready to stored in the kitchen
a_SG101530 The 750ml Camelbak drinking bottles with built-in, anti-spill drinking straws.  These are fantastic, easy to clean and fit perfectly upright in the front 27l Engel "cubby" fridge.
a_SG101531 The Swiss Spice salt and pepper shaker.  A tiny little thing about 5x6cm but keeps salt dry.
a_SG101533 Our GSI Outdoor 850ml kettle.  Boils exactly 2 cups of water, can be used as a teapot and coffee pot as it has a strainer insert.  At this stage, folks, please note the rustic knob on the lid.  The original one came off and Trevor aka Ray Mears, whittled one from a piece of wood he found.