Day 022 Greece : Pateleimonos - Epanomi

Day 022 Greece

Trip Distance 179 km (111 m) Total Distance 4194 km (2607 m)
Diesel Costs €0.83 - €1.12    
Toll Fees €5.00    
Camping Akti Retzika N40.38281 E22.92728 €16.00 - Incl elec.  Brilliant, fabulous spot, clean, toilet seats, not much hot water but fabulous owners and a great taverna on site

We woke up quite late after last night's drive from Volos.  Feeling sick, terrified, scared and just wanting to get as far away from it as we could last night, once we had left the police station, we got back on the road and drove.  We were full of nervous energy and even when we did find somewhere to camp just before midnight, it took ages to get to sleep. Morning came round with the rude awakening of what a dirty horrible place we had stopped at the night before.  So it was a quick shower and were on the road again.

We went straight into Thessaloniki to check to see if the sides had arrived.  No such luck.  No-one including the tracking system in SA knew where the sides had ended up.  As we had found a great parking in the centre of town (N40.63721 E22.94560), we decided to have a look around.  Thessaloniki is really built up in terms of flats and housing but it's a really nice town and the sea front onto the port is stunning.  After a great lunch and a bit more sleuthing (thanks to Tim this time, couldn't have done it without you!), we were still none the wiser, so we set off to find somewhere to settle for the night.

I was feeling a bit worse for wear and by the time we found the campsite, felt exhausted and completely drained - last night was not a good sleep as I imagined the Greek police hunting us down!  But Trevor kept us both going and with little help from me, set Sully up.  He dragged me off for a long glass of wine at the on-site taverna and by the time supper came, I'd perked up a bit and life was looking much rosier.  We practiced a bit of broken greek on the chef and afterwards settled in for the night.

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