Day 025 Greece : Epanomi - Alexandroupoli

Day 025 Greece

Trip Distance 372 km (231 m) Total Distance 4566 km (2838 m)
Diesel Costs      
Municipal Camping N40.84709 E25.85615 €15.68 - Very clean, plenty hot water

As we pulled out of the campsite, a question that had been puzzling us was suddenly answered.  Although the weather was clear and hot during the day, the nights were freezing cold.  We were happy in the tent under our winter sleeping bags and in our thermals but still it was bbbrrrrr cold.  Here's why..


We went straight to the post office in Thessaloniki to try and find the awning sides and, lo and behold, they were there.  I think that they took pity on my awful Greek and we got them straight away without having to even pay any duty.  We had used post restante to have them sent to us and I have to say it was a fantastic service.  Basically this service has been going for more years than I can even find out but it is used to send letters and parcels to travellers with no fixed address.  The letter/parcel is held in the main post office and when you arrive in that town, is ready for collection.  Just watch out for large parcels needing to go through customs and this delaying things a little as we had experienced.

So as far as the journey went, there's nothing much to say other than we had an uneventful although beautiful drive across the top of Greece to Alexandroupoli.  As we had resolved the issue of wheel balancing and now had the awning sides that had kept us in deep conversation for hours, we need some new topics.  2 new conundrums presented themselves to us that we still haven't managed to find answers to

a) Why are there so many pharmacies in Greece.  Even in tiny villages, at least 3 will be clustered around the town square.  In cities they are even more prolific.  What's with this?

b) The Greeks eat loads of pork.  We can attest to the fact that it's really good.  But where is the pork grown - where are the pigs?  We travelled through loads of Greece and didn't see any.  We saw cattle and sheeps, but no pigs.  Is it imported?  Can anyone put us out of our misery?

Anyway, when we finally reached Alexandroupoli we had to drive around a bit asking for the campsite, but eventually found it tucked away just on the outskirts of town.  Once you know where it is though, it's difficult to miss!