Day 025 Greece: Update

...and today is looking MUCH better.  We have just collected the awning sides (thank you to Howling Moon/Jurgens who replaced the sides for us at their expense) and have found out (and have written confirmation) that we are indeed covered for the accident on Monday.  So, all is well on the Rutters Adventure and we are on our way again.

We stay over somewhere in Kavala tonight and are hoping to enter Turkey tomorrow morning

Thanks again to everyone who helped us out over the past couple of days - we have a wonderful group of friends and family that have dropped everything to support us when we needed it most. xxxx

#1 Anne-Marie and Michel on 5.08.2009 at 5:42 PM


We are happy that everything is OK for you, may be now you are in Turkey and soon in Asia. Have a good trip.

Best wishes from Macedonia.

Anne-Marie and Michel


Hi Anne-Marie & Michel, lovely to meet you both and thanks for the chat.  Hope your journey is going well also.  Best wishes & kind regards.  Trevor & Jan