Day 086 Sudan : Wadi Halfa - Abri

Day 086 Sudan

Trip Distance 158 km (98 m) Total Distance 10825 km (6728 m)
Road Condition 45% tar 45% hard-core/corrugation 10% soft sand
Diesel Costs S£1.43    
20kms north of Abri
  N20.83645 E30.55147 Wild camping

We set off after having cleared customs and were on our way at last!  But not before stopping off at the hotel for a last bucket shower to wash off the day's stress, tension and dirt and to pick up our stuff.  First stop in Sudan, Abri, although as we set off at 6pm we didn't think that we would make it as we had heard that the roads were pretty awful.  We knew that Amy and Paul had set off in the same direction heading for Wawa 40km south of Abri at 1pm and Mark and Jason at 4pm.  Our original plan was to provide support for Jason and Mark on the road but as they had cleared customs well before us, that plan didn't ever materialise.

The road between Wadi Halfa and Abri is under construction at the moment so we alternated between tar (45%) and hard-core/corrugations (45%) most of the way until we lost the national road and ended up on soft sand through villages along the Nile for the last 30kms or so.  By this time it had been dark for well over an hour and although there was no other traffic, the going was really difficult so we set about looking for a good place to stop for the night.

About 20kms north of Abri we pulled over at a water hut.  We could see no lights around us and with some measure of privacy to the side of the hut, we set up camp.  Every now and again another vehicle would trundle passed slowly through the thick, soft sand but other than that we saw very little signs of life.

After a light supper of a tuna salad sandwich, we went to bed and lay in the tent under the light of millions of stars and a toenail clipping of the moon on the horizon.  Suddenly we sat up as we heard the sound of a vehicle passing by at high speed.  How???  By the time we got out onto the roof, it had passed but we sat there patiently and about 40minutes later we saw lights approaching very quickly from the north.  Standing on the roof, we watched it and realised that by absolute luck we had stopped about 150m west of the national road that we had lost earlier in the dark!

We went to bed elated and slept soundly in anticipation of an early start on the tar.