Day 094 Sudan : Cruising the Nile

Whilst we have been staying at the Sailing Club, we have met up with some of the most amazing people and have spent time doing some unexpectedly wonderful things.

One of the people we have met and come to know with is Rasa_SG102313 , a Sudanese Rastafarian (I swear he must be the only one!!) whose roots are deeply embedded in Sudan's soil.  And what a unique person he is.  After an emotional afternoon at SOS Children's Village, Ras took us out for a cruise on the Nile on his 16' boat.  We set off with some soothing reggae music flowing from the speakers (just what we needed) and headed for the confluence of the Blue and the White Niles.  Here we are leaving the city behind us a_SG102316 with Tuti Island approaching on our right.


Although at the moment with rainy season having started in both Sudan and Ethiopia, the Niles are now Ethiopian Dark Brown and Ethiopian Light Brown!a_SG102321   Although you can't see the difference when you are on the water, from the bridge above it, you can see the two different colours as the rivers join each other and I can imagine that it must be pretty awesome when the Niles are their normal colours.

a_SG102327  I just liked this photo taken as we passed by North Khartoum, so included it... :o)

a_SG102348 (L-R: Paul, Amy, Ras, Trevor)

a_SG102349 (L-R: Amy, Jan, Ras)

After we went around Tuti Island, Ras headed the boat back up-river and 15 minutes later switched off the engine leaving us another hour  through sunset to drift peacefully back down the Nile towards the Sailing Club whilst we lazed in the boat, chatted about a billion things and set the world to rights.


Addendum: And as if we hadn't had a full enough day, between going to the SOS Children's Village and a cruise on the Nile with Ras, a newspaper was delivered to us.  We had been interviewed a couple of days back but never dreamed it would make it to press.  Ok, so it's back page and probably centred on the Blue Nile Sailing Club with a note of "look at what the Sailing Club does with tourists"..... Anyway, here's a copy of the article if you can read Arabic.  If not, we are getting it translated and as soon as I have a copy, I'll publish it.  Hopefully it says nice things about us!!  If not, the article will remain untranslated :o)

a_SG102392 a_SG102393