Day 095 Sudan : Dervish Dancing

We had stayed in Khartoum specifically to see the Dervish Dancing and we are so glad that we did!  It's an unmissable experience and if you ever get to Khartoum, you really must make sure that you can go.

We arranged for a taxi to take us there and arrived about 1 hour too early so made ourselves comfortable at a local tea stall outside a_SG102395 .  These tea stalls are everywhere in Sudan and tea and coffee can be drunk at most times of the day or night.  The tea and coffee is sublime and the taste is particular to each stall and each lady who makes it as they use specific tea leaves or coffee beans and add their own special mix of herbs and spices.  Today our coffee was served with ginger and if you have never tasted this before, do yourself a favour and go and make a cup of freshly brewed coffee with ginger now.  You'll know what I am talking about.  Mint tea is SO yesterday.

The religious celebration has an air of festival about it as tea stalls, SIM card sellers and hot peanut stalls set up all around the devotees and spectators. And then it begins....



After 3 hours of hypnotic chanting and dancing, it was over.  All wrung out, even from just watching, we sat down at the nearest tea stall a_SG102446 for a welcomed cup of tea this time with cloves a_SG102445 .

#1 gary on 7.30.2009 at 11:23 AM

awww I think mint tea's feelings are going to be hurt that you said that.