Day 099 Ethiopia : Gorgora

Another sunny day after a windy, rainy night and another late lie-in to recover from broken sleep whilst we packed the awning away again.  We really need to work this out and get around having to pack it away in strong winds. 

The campsite Tim & Kim Village is almost as though you are wild camping - the setting is glorious as you can see.

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With the rest of the site to the right of Sully on the other side of the hill.  There are fully equipped tents for hire for backpackers, sites for overlanders, a kitchen where Kim prepares really tasty, wholesome meals at a very reasonable price, cold beers, cold soft drinks and a clean loo & temporary shower with solar bags.  Fresh eggs and veggies can be ordered each afternoon for delivery the next morning.  Currently under construction and ready soon is a shower block, restaurant and bar and 7 lodges with en-suite bathrooms, running water and electricity.

Close to the backpackers campsite is an Ethiopian kitchen that caught my eye.  The similarity between the oven and a pizza oven struck me immediately although the clay lid over the base was a bit different.  But the metal drum used for mixing Ethiopian bread and lying on it's side would be ideal to create an oven.  I could see the possibilities immediately for baking bread, rolls (proper ones!), chelsea buns and muffins - yum!  It's been so long now since I have been able to get cracking and do some baking and cooking on an open fire....... Let me at it!!!!!

Suitably inspired we went back to Sully where I immediately set about making some banana bread with our left over bruised bananas bought in Khartoum.  This time though I used my own "oven" - a large pot with lid over the gas cooker with my steamer inside to raise the item off the direct heat.  This method uses up loads of gas and, although the top is cooked, looks very pale but it works.  What works better and uses less fuel is a direct fire under the pot and hot coals on the lid.  A standard 700g loaf cooks (depending on the weather and wind) in around 30 minutes whereas on the stove top takes around 70 minutes.

Steamer - fits most pots     Steamer in "oven" pot also used for heating water & cooking large meals - nothing along without 2 purposes (or more!)
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Yes, the banana bread was FABULOUS!