Day 100 Ethiopia : Gorgora (Trevor)

This place has awakened my old passion for bird watching. (Yes, I am just a twitcher at heart!). After wrestling the SLR camera from Jan and a quick lesson in how to use it, off I went to search out some feathered subjects.  With the combination of the lake and altitude (2000m), the bird-life is abundant and varied with everything from Fish Eagles a_SG102778  to Cliff-chats and the African Green Pigeona_SG102814 .

If you have read Jan’s Day100 post, you will know that our hosts, Tim and Kim, lost their very dear puppy Boef during the night. To take their minds off their loss, they suggested we go for a walk in the afternoon. Armed with a stick to beat off stray dogs, Tim lead us out along a track used for illegal charcoal smuggling. Charcoal is in big demand but there are not enough trees to sustain this so people chop down trees illegally and convert them into charcoal. This then needs to be moved to the markets where it is sold alongside the legal stuff, hence these trails through the mountains.

The trail provided us with great views over the lake and of some of the many islands dotted around. Many of these have churches or monasteries a_SG102834  built on them. (Not sure how big the congregations are as the only way to get to them is by primitive reed canoe or the once a week ferry).

The walk took us into the next bay where we were greeted by a family of Fish Eagles - 2 adults and no fewer than 5 juvenilesa_SG102844 ! There were also loads of Pied Kingfishers hovering and diving. With Jan back in control of the camera, we good some good, in-focus pictures.

For the walk back, we decided to take the long way back over the mountains, a walk that would have left us gasping back in Old Blighty. This walk was supposed to take us back via Mussolini’s Tower but with the weather closing in, we cut it short. (No really, it was going to rain!)