Day 100 Ethiopia : Gorgora

This day has been one that we will remember for a couple of reasons.  It's day 100 on our journey our 11th country and we are still loving it all. 

It has also been a very sad day for us all at the camp.  Tim and Kim's 4 month old puppy, Boef, died early this morning after falling ill the day after we arrived.  She was a beloved puppy and a real little character.  Tim and Kim are bereft and we don't know how to console them.  They have spent the day on the hillside overlooking the lake building a grave for her and saying their goodbyes. 

What is there to say? 

We are so very, very sorry.

#1 John Cox on 7.31.2009 at 12:41 PM

Hi there Scouts thanks for all the info i am very impressed with it right down to what side the customs hall is on.

So been on the road a 100 days now and still loving it thats good,you never really know when you set off but you do now.

Just having a day or two off here as the rain has stopped harvest at the moment so doing a bit of planning ect dont have to do a route or camp site planing just going to follow your website.

Take care and have a great trip John.

#2 Derek (The short fat old one!) on 8.04.2009 at 6:57 PM

Good to see you are both still enjoying the adventure. Nothing has changed at the old firm, I am sure you are both missing it, not. Enjoying your site, you are starting to make me more and more envious by the day.

Keep safe