Day 101 Ethiopia : Gorgora

To give us something to do today, we have made bread.  Proper bread.  Soft, white, yeasty, warm, crusty homemade bread.  The sort of bread that deserves a thick coating of cold, salty butter in chunks (and maybe some marmite for those of you who live, like me, on the dark side!!).

Having spied the Ethiopian oven a couple of days ago,


I knew that we could put it to good use.  So we enlisted the help of 2 of the locals Ethiopians ladies working at the village, Ililta and Sentiou, to make the fire

a_SG103820 a_SG103825 and off we went a_SG103808.

The results, I do believe, speak for themselves!!!


In the meantime, Trevor had also sorted out the issue of the awning threatening to fly away during the wind and the rain.  The sides have been attached to the awning.  During the day when it's sunny, the sides are lifted with the help of the additional poles and guys that Trevor had the foresight to bring with us opening out our living area to something resembling the Parthenon.  But at night and during any rain the sides are pegged down, giving extra stability to the awning and also a cozy place to sit.

a_DSC_6122 a_DSC_6123   a_DSC_6124 a_DSC_6125

#1 TrevorB on 8.13.2009 at 8:26 PM

A veritable bedouin village in the making!

#2 brenda on 8.15.2009 at 4:54 PM

Sully is looking great, can't believe that all the tents etc all goes back in her cab. Having the sea on your door step. One could not ask for much more. Going to sleep with the ocean and waking up to the waves and beautiful sunshine. I most definately have to offer my services as the chief cook and bottle wash!!