Day 103 Ethiopia : Gorgora

Kim and I spent most of the morning butchering the kid and turning it into roasts, chops, ribs and stew.  No pre-packaged, plastic wrapped, heat shrinked meat for us!  Our labour of love started in the afternoon as we sat for 4 hours mincing the suet and shoulder meat to be turned into boerewors.  We managed, only just mind :o), to pass the time peacefully drinking coffee and chatting as our aching fingers and wrists chopped and chopped and chopped the meat into millions of tiny pieces.  How did they do this on a regular basis before machines and electricity? 

We had planned a braai later on in the evening so we set aside the ribs and chops in a marinade of mountains herbs - rosemary and garlic - and set about flavouring the now minced meat.  Another hour was spent stuffing the intestines by hand with the meat using a funnel but it was SOOOO worth it later that evening.

a_DSC_6482   What do you think?

#1 gill on 8.08.2009 at 7:35 AM

Wow, very impressive.

#2 brenda on 8.15.2009 at 4:30 PM

Damn you are making me so jealous!! From my trips through Uganda, Mozambique etc. and using the local fresh herbs you must be in seventh heaven. The boerewors must have tasted awsome, it looks great. Just the glow on your faces is enough to see you are having an experience of a lifetime.