Day 104 - 107 Ethiopia : Gorgora

Nothing much doing - making bread, going for walks, bird watching, growing a beard a_DSC_5776 , cooking, resting, baking , eating, reading and sleeping.  More or less in that order.

Having had very little and unreliable mobile signal for the passed 10 days and absolutely no access to the internet for updating the blog, we have decided that tomorrow we will take a trip into Gonder to buy some supplies, fresh veggies and doing a bit of banking and blog updating.  It's a real wrench leaving the campsite for a dose of people, reality and noise but needs must..........

#1 brenda on 8.15.2009 at 4:43 PM

Mark wants to know if Trevor has run out of blades or is he going for the rustic look!!! lol With all the nature, the untouchable beauty of rural Africa how are you going to cope when you return to the real world?