Day 125 Ethiopia : Addis Ababa - Lake Langano

Day 125 Ethiopia

Trip Distance 211 km (131 m) Total Distance 14305 km (8891 m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 4 hrs    
Lake Langano
Karkaro Beach Cottages N7 35.815 E38 41.636 EB75 - Long drop loo, cold showers but a great view of the lake and a wonderful manager, Billy. 

Luckily for us, as we set off, Addis happened to have electricity and, in addition, we found a service station that had some diesel.  Hooray!  We could fill up.  Iain had set off on his own with plans to meet us at Lake Langano so with both cars ready, we headed off south out of Addis.

The drive was uneventful, all on tar and passed in a flash.  As the sun started to drop a little lower in the sky, we approached Lake Langano.  As with all lakes in Ethiopia, it was the usual Ethiopian brown colour but huge and pretty awesome.  We found the turn off to Karkaro Beach Cottages after only passing it once and headed off down to the lake front.

The campsite that Billy has organised is really beautiful.  The cottages are set a little way up the hill and hidden away from the camping but with fabulous views of the lake.  The spots for camping have been left wild but there are natural areas under trees and amongst the bushes where we set up camp.  As Iain had left before us from Addis (and also being able to negotiate the roads somewhat faster than we could) he had gone on alone but at this stage was nowhere to be seen.  We parked up in the hope that he would eventually find us. 


We were just trying to decide what to make for supper, when Billy came along and introduced us to the local fisherman with a boatful of Tilapia - that fresh they were all still flapping around in the water in the boat.  We chose 4 beautiful fish (only EB2 each - about 10p per fish) and, because we had bought so many, the fisherman gave us our 5th fish as a gift.  Off we went to dispatch them.  As Anja and Jorg had never prepared fresh fish before, Trevor showed Jorg how to humanely kill them and then off Anja, Jorg and I went a little way up the lake to clean them.  I was really impressed with them both, who although had never prepped fish before, jumped in gamely and helped out.  They are of same mind as Trevor and I - you want to eat, then you have to be prepared to know how to catch, kill and clean the animal yourself - meat and fish doesn't come from a supermarket all clinically wrapped in plastic..... 

20 minutes later and the Tilapia were ready to prepare.

a_RIMG1479  a_RIMG1482 

At this stage we were wondering if Iain would ever find us but about 30 minutes later we heard the drone of his engine as he entered the site and we were all re-united and settled in. 


Later that night after marinading the fish with a greek-style flavour, a_RIMG1484 the boys lit the fire,  a_RIMG1486 we braaied them over coals  a_RIMG1491 and had fire-baked potatoes and a crisp salad to accompany them.  uuuummmm. 

The last hours of the day were wiled away sipping whiskey, star-gazing and watching the ISS pass overhead before settling in for a great night's sleep.