Day 126-127 Ethiopia : Lake Langano

Despite Billy's assurances that Lake Langano only gets rain every 3 days and that it had rained the previous day to our arrival, we woke up to a grey and wet day.  Luckily we had put up the awning and sides, so we all took refuge under it, had eggs and toast for breakfast and hauled out our books to wait it out.  We didn't have too long because 2 hours later the rain stopped, the sun came out and everything started to dry out.  At the same time, we got out the hammocks and strung them between the trees to provide refuge from the afternoon sun and a comfie place to relax, nap and read a book (sort of in that order!!). 

As it had rained for most of the morning, the fisherman had not been out, so fresh fish (Tilapia) wasn't on the menu but a plump, tender and juicy chicken that I'd bought in Addis (when there was electricity to keep it fresh!) was hauled out of the freezer for supper. Between resting, reading and chasing after birds (Trevor!), the boys reverted to cavemen and spent good-quality time dragging in logs, dead trees and branches for our fire. 

Billy, the manager and owner of the site, popped over that afternoon.  He ended up spending a couple of hours with us chatting, drinking coffee and giving us a bit of an insight and glimpse into the Ethiopian way of life and the locals.  Having lived there all of his life, he was a mine of information and it was a really interesting afternoon chat. 

We ended the day with a roast chicken dinner done on the fire in the potjie pot and served with perfectly crispy local roast potatoes, rice, roast carrots, onions, gravy and tomato and onion salad.  Once the dishes had been done, we settled down to a bit of star gazing, sipping our whiskey coffees and learning some new German and Swabian words.  In the finest tradition, swear words first, Swabian words second and, my favourites, sternschnuppe (shooting star) and schnufel ( sort of teddy bear and word used for a loved one) which were the 2 that caused the most hilarity when I mixed them up!

We woke up early the next day - Anja and Jorg particularly so as a local Von Der Deckers Hornbill took a fancy to their windscreen wiper and from 5am sat on their windscreen plucking away at the rubber!!  RIMG1496

After the usual morning rain (so much for only raining every 3 days!!), the sun came out again.  Trevor spent some time recording his bird sightings (total since Lake Langano = 124), lusting after Tim's (from Tim and Kim Village in Gorgora) bird book as he wasn't able to identify about 15% of his sightings and feeding the local LBJs and weavers. SG104747 (Sasol, any donations welcome!). 

We spent the afternoon snoozing in the hammocks again and planning for our departure the next day as we were all excited to push on to the Omo Valley and start our mini-adventure to Kenya.