Day 157 Uganda : Jinja - Kampala

Day 157 Uganda

Trip Distance 87 km (54 m) Total Distance 17303 km (10754 m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 1.5hrs    
Cost of diesel USH2080 (£0.63)    
Red Chilli Hideaway N0 19.239 E32 37.847 USH14000 - hot showers, flushing loos (I think I'm in love!), great restaurant and bar. Costs free internet access.

Eventually there comes a time when you have to leave in order to carry on with your trip.  So with a bit of a heavy heart and not ready to move on, we packed up and left for the bright city lights of Kampala with Anja and Jorg.

An uneventful hour and a half later, having driven on good tarred roads all the way, we reached Kampala and headed straight for Shoprite (a South African supermarket filled to the brim with South African foods and products), Game (another South African store filled with home goods, electrical and electronic goods) and a fabulous coffee shop (food was preceded with being served scented hot towels) and free high speed internet access.  Bliss.

Our first stop was Game and a trot around ogling all products so familiar to us from SA after which we made our way to the coffee shop for something to eat before even thinking of entering Shoprite.  We know what we're like - shopping on an empty stomach is dangerous for both our wallets and the packing space in Sully!

We downloaded emails, did some banking and got the blog as up to date as we could with the articles that we (I!) had written and then slowly made our way to Red Chilli Hideaway leaving Anja and Jorg to continue to surf.  At the camp we discovered more free internet access although it was loads slower - but useable.

Once Anja and Jorg had arrived later that evening, we ordered something to eat at the bar, caught up with the overlanders from Acacia who we keep bumping into (Hi Nick!) and had a beer or 2 with one of the locals, Tracy, working in Uganda and also staying in the rooms at the Red Chilli.