Day 161 Uganda : Masaka - Lake Bunyonyi

Day 161 Uganda

Trip Distance 298 km (185 m) Total Distance 17881 km (11113 m)
Road Condition 85% tar 15% dirt  
Time to travel 4.5 hrs 2 hrs  
Cost of diesel USH2080 (£0.63)    
Lake Bunyonyi
Bunyonyi Overland S1 16.333 E29 56.229 USH24000 (US$12) - hot showers, flushing loos.  Great views & peaceful despite overland trucks.

Packing up was a bit of a chore this morning as Trevor had been up most of the night with a dreaded lurgy of some description.  Eventually though, we made it away from Masaka for the slog to Lake Bunyonyi.  As he wasn't feeling up to scratch, I drove for the first 4 hours and actually really enjoyed the stint behind the wheel for a change.  The road was mostly under construction so I had to be content with either navigating around potholes or navigating between the old road and the new. 

In Kampala, we had initially thought that we would go to Fort Portal and Queen Elizabeth National Park (to see tree climbing lions) but because of the chaos of traffic in Kampala, we decided to make our way down to Lake Bunyonyi first so that we could clear our heads and also to give Trevor time to recover without having to tour through a park feeling rotten.  We thought, of course, that we would probably bump into Anja and Jorg because this had been their first destination since we split up only yesterday - and this is exactly what happened.  As we pulled up into the site, we bumped into Anja at reception just paying for her internet access - I swear, guys, we were not shadowing you!!!!!

We found a spot by the lakeside and met Stuart, Fiver and Merrill travelling in a white landie (gotta be good people!!) but going South to North from South Africa to Germany.  After a quick supper that night we retired to bed early with Trevor really not feeling well and left Anja and Jorg to catch up with Stuart and Fiver to swap stories of good and bad campsites, roads and cities on their respective routes.

#1 John Cox on 9.28.2009 at 4:14 PM

Hi you two,just had a good read of the blog as i have finish harvest and sowning so its no more up at 5am and in bed 1130pm.Just getting Syria,Jordan and Egypt visas sorted then we are on the road,Denise has started the blog so it looks like we are on.

Have enjoyed reading you blog but i do think more people sould send you more comments/message as it is so nice to get message when you are traverlling if its from people back home you know or complete strangers,so come on you lot reading this as a lot of effort goes into keeping the site up to date.

Take care Coxy.



Hiya both, yes it IS fab to get messages from everyone. 

So glad that harvest is over and you can get going at last.  Africa awaits!!!  The sun is shining and the beers are cold (mostly!!!!)

We had the MOST incredible time in Uganda - the highlight was seeing the gorillas in Bwindi.  Do yourselves a favour and see them if you can.  Off to Arusha then Zanzibar for some diving - we can't wait for some beach and sea again - gagging for it, if you ask us.

The roads through the centre of Tanzania are great contrary to what we have heard - all sealed tar to Singida so far (from Rwanda).  Try not to miss Rwanda - we'll go back there.  The roads are fabulous, the people and towns/cities friendly, clean and civilised and there are great things to see.  Sudan and Rwanda have the most bad press but have been the 2 surprise countries in our trip.

Take care and travel safe (when you start)

BTW LOVE the quotes on your true :o)))).