Day 162 - 164 Uganda : Lake Bunyonyi

We said goodbye to Jorg and Anja again as they set off for Rwanda and we spent the rest of the day catching up and comparing notes with Stuart, Fiver and Merrill on their trip up from the south and our trip down from the north.

Time slipped slowly by us as Trevor went downhill and then back uphill after I started him on a course of antibiotics.  After all the street food and dodgy places we have eaten in over the last 6 months, it was an opened bottle of water that had lain festering in Sully for 4 days that caused all the misery.  He's promised me, never again (I said at the time, he was mad to drink it!!).

We had parked up at a lovely spot in the campsite a_SG106527 that we were able to appreciate over the next couple of days as we  watched a family (is the collective noun?) of otters cavorting in the lake just in front of us a_SG106429, reading and doing the usual mundane chores that need to be done every once in a while. 

When Trevor was feeling a bit better and realised that Stuart was also a twitcher of note, much time was spent bird-watching in the area around the lake a_SG106551.  I, on the other hand, with absolutely no interest in birds, tried to once again to catch up with the blog and sort the ever increasing number of photos and video out.

Through the week the subject of gorilla tracking had come up a couple of times for discussion - as it had with Anja and Jorg over the past couple of weeks.  At the start of the trip this had been on my list of "must do's" but as the trip had progressed, the US$500 cost per person had started me thinking that it was too expensive.  At this stage though, I was beginning to regret dismissing them and again wanted to see them.  As we hadn't booked any permits, we had decided to leave it to Fate to decide whether we'd see them or not.  We decided that we would take a trip to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park just 120kms away and try to get the permits and if they were there, there were there and if they weren't, well....... c'est la vie.  Stuart and Fiver had been going through the same discussions but when I said we were going to try Bwindi for the permits, they decided that they would join us on the trip to the forest and that if there was another permit available, Stuart would take it on the same principle.

With the plan to now try for gorilla tracking, we needed to stock up on some US$ as we didn't have enough, so we decided to leave the next day for Bwindi, driving through Kabale and stopping at the bank for the cash.  We went to bed full of hope and positive thoughts ready to go the next day and try our luck.