Day 172 Tanzania : Masai Campsite - Maserani Snakepark Campsite

Day 171 Tanzania

Trip Distance 63 km (39 m) Total Distance 19461 km (12095 m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 45min    
Cost of diesel TSH1400 (£0.66)    
Maerani Snakepark Campsite S3 24.600 E36 28.990 TSH13000 (US$10) - Basic hot showers although some don't work & flushing loos - somewhat grubby. 

With the weekend disco looming at the Masai Campsite, we decided to leave and head for the Maserani Snakepark Campsite.  We had popped in the day before on the way into Arusha (to the Maserani Snakepark, that is) but had decided that it was too far out of town to stay there when we needed to go into town.  Also the site was very dry and dusty and we thought that the Masai Campsite might be a bit better.  Turns out they are both as dry and dusty as each other.  We even had a drive out to the site next to the lake also on Tracks4Africa - also dry and dusty and we felt with not such good security so we discarded that as an option straight away.

After a turn into town dealing with the extremely aggressive touts and some shopping at Shoprite (geez it's good to have proper supermarkets), spending some time in an internet cafe and catching up on the blog and looking for a Land Rover dealership to replace the dust covers that had come adrifted a couple of days ago on the Singida road (none in stock anywhere) we set off for the Snakepark to set up camp.

We were just chosing a spot in relative peace and quiet when 3 overland trucks appeared and tents city began springing up around us.  So much for a quiet evening.  But it turned out not to be so bad.  After an initial flurry of activity, the campsite quietened down as we cracked open the gas and started to prepare supper.  A couple of people from one of the trucks wandered over (turns out they were from UK) and we spent the next hour or so showing them around Sully and having a chat about our respective travels.  She really does attract quite a lot of attention at times....