Day 184 Zanzibar Island : Stonetown

We woke at the usual time of dawn as the call to pray drifted across Stonetown.  We all met up for breakfast on the roof terrace and waited till it was time to leave for our tour. 

The spice tour was wonderful and our guide, a local chap, so knowledgeable about the spices that he could name each by its scientific name, local name, English/Italian/Dutch/German/French name and told us of growing, harvesting, preparation, cooking use and herbal healing remedy of each and every one.  Wow, we were so impressed.

Later that morning we left the spice farms behind and ended up at a stall for a tropical fruit tasting a_IMG_1521 IMG_1522.  The stall owner explained each fruit in turn and using a lethal looking machetea_IMG_1526, expertly chopped off small pieces for us to taste.  My favourite - custard apple or sorsop (I think...!).  We stopped off at another stall to buy spices, curry powders, lemon grass oil and eucalyptus oil and then on the lunch.  Seated on the floor on grass mats, we ate and ate and ate platefuls of coconut curry with spiced rice, chappatis and beautifully cooked mountain greens. 

Filled to the brim, it was back on the bus and off to the beach for a walk to the cove and a slow float in the cool, turquoise water.  An hour later and we were back on the bus to Stonetown having had a great time and looking forward to some street food that night. 

Back at the guesthouse we showered, had a rest and a read and then changed for supper.  We spent some time wandering around Stonetown looking for souvenirs, gifts, postcards and stamps and a quick walk later and we had hit the food square again.  We were still full from lunch but with the smells of the stalls wafting around us we were soon partaking of a meal of a spicy Zanzibarian pizza stuffed with mince, chilli, coriander, egg and cheese (it is quite small and delicate despite it's filling), with a couple of small spicy meat samoosas and some beef mishkaki (kebab) with matoke (fried savoury banana like potato). 

With Sonja and Natasha's bedtime come and gone, it was time for the Danby's to go back to the guesthouse so that the girls could go to bed and with last night's purchase of cold beers and wine in the fridge, we retired to the roof terrace for a nightcap.