Day 201- 203 Malawi : Kande Beach - Senga Bay

Day 201 Malawi

Trip Distance 290km (180m) Total Distance 22293 km (13855 m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 5hrs    
Cost of diesel MK199.30 (£0.90)    
Senga bay
Cool Runnings S13 43.834 E34 37.154 MK1200 (US$8) - Fabulous site run by owner Sam.  Clean hot showers & flushing loos, grassed & shaded area for camping, great food.  No overland trucks.  Add MK150 electricity. Highly recommended.

With us sleeping in a little later the next day, Thomas left before we surfaced from the tent and as Trevor packed Sully up ready to leave, I spent a couple of hours with Jackie swapping information. 

And then it was time to go.  We were originally heading for Nkhotakhota Bay to stay at Nkhotakhota Pottery as I had wanted to spend a few days (having done pottery before) learning to make local Malawian pots.  When we got there though, the wind had picked up and was howling through the camp.  With trees to provide shade but with absolutely no protection from the wind, it would have been an uncomfortable night, so we decided to press on and head for Senga bay further down the lake. 

As the sun was dropping in the sky, we arrived at Senga Bay and easily found Cool Runnings - it was just what we needed.  A grassed, shaded area to camp, protection from the wind, a great restaurant and peace and quiet.  We settled in for the night.

The wind was still blowing the next day when we woke up but we had had a restful night.  After chatting to Sam for a while, we made our way into the village market close by the buy some fresh fruit and veggies.  The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing on the beach under the huge trees, jumping into the lake every now and again to cool down.

As I really didn't feel like cooking that night, we booked to eat at the restaurant and had the most wonderful t-bone steaks and all the trimmings for supper. 

We were back in touch with Ben and Kate again.  They had been spending time at The Mushroom Farm and Nkhata Bay but were due to arrive this afternoon.  Ben wasn't feeling at all well when they got to the camp so we offered them some supper.  Fusion Broth which is basically a clear carrot and chicken broth infused with garlic and ginger served with separate side dishes of noodles, stir fried chicken, mushrooms, local mountain greens, carrots & onions, fresh chillies and (if you have it) fresh coriander leaves.  You then heap your plate with noodles, veggies and chicken, pour over the broth and finish off with chillies and coriander to taste.  And then slurp away at it.  For an extra bit of comfort we also had some custard and crushed biscuits (nothing goes to waste!) for pud.  We were all feeling better after that!