Day 217 Mozambique : Inhassoro - Maxixe

Day 217 Mozambique

Trip Distance 323km (201m) Total Distance 24531km (15246m)
Road Condition 80% tar 20% dirt diversions  
Time to travel 4.5 hrs 2.5 hrs  
Cost of diesel M28.25(£0.62)    
Campismo de Maxixe
M550 (US$20) - Clean and basic with en suite bathroom, hot water, flushing loo.  Mozzie net, ceiling fan.  Great restaurant "Stop" next door.

Monday morning rose with the sun but the sea was dead calm, flattened by a high pressure system setting in so we decided to set off in search of our next port of call - Morrongulo - for some diving.

The drive was an uneventful one - us taking care to stick strictly to speed limits to avoid unnecessary confrontations with the transitos and they studiously ignoring us as we passed by them.  It rained, the wind blew and we drove southwards passing the Tropic of Capricorn with little more than a road sign 10kms too far south to mark the spot. 

But finally we arrived at the Morrongulo turnoff and drove the 12km down a very well maintained dirt track to the resort.  Once there with the weather looking to be set in and little prospect of any good dive sites (the dive shop "Liquid" instructors/DMs were singularly unhelpful and lacked enthusiasm when we spoke to them) and the diving spectacularly expensive, that we decided to press on and head for our next stop at Guinjata Bay in the hope of a better feeling.

With the weather closing in even more, the wind picking up and a full days' driving behind us, we decided to stop in at Maxixe.  A small town on the coast just opposite Inhambane (although 750m across a bay).  We arrived at Campismo de Maxixe and checked into a lodge figuring on a good night's sleep and an early start the next day. 

First stop, somewhere where we could access the internet and download emails.  The camping receptionist told us that an internet shopwas just 0.5km up the road but with the inclement weather we decided to drive.  Good choice!!  The shop was nowhere to be found but after stopping and asking several people (most of them turned out either not to speak English or didn't know what the internet was!) we eventually found someone that directed us to the University of Maxixe where the public can access the internet at M1/m.  Website status uploaded and emails downloaded, we retired to our room to have a rest, a hot shower and go for some supper.

The Stop restaurant is right next door to the campsite and we can honestly say has the BEST and cheapest peri-peri chicken in Mozambique (we have still to taste better).  Then it was off to bed at 8pm and an early night ready for the next early morning.