Day 218 Mozambique : Maxixe - Tofo

Day 218 Mozambique

Trip Distance 77km (48m) Total Distance 24608km (15294m)
Road Condition 90% tar 10% dirt  
Time to travel 1.25 hrs 0.5 hrs  
Cost of diesel M28.25(£0.62)    
Turtle Cove
M1080 (US$40) - Basic Morrocan styled, clean bathroom en suite, hot water, flushing loo.  Mozzie net, large and airy.  Restaurant, yoga retreat.

We had been keeping in touch with Ben and Kate throughout Mozambique as we had left them in Malawi in Blantyre.  With the weather crappy and little prospect of diving we decided to pop into Tofo to visit them and stay over for the night.  With several over-ripe bananas in the car, I promised to teach them how to make banana bread.  I had been promising them since the stay at Mikadi and finally an appropriate time had arrived.

We got to Turtle Cove to find that Ben had dashed off on a mercy mission to take Abby to Inhambane hospital with suspected malaria and Kate waiting at the camp for us to arrive.  Having settled into our lodge, we removed the cubby fridge to make room for me to sit, and with Kate in the passenger seat we set off for a lunch at Dino's restaurant about 10 minutes drive away.  It would give us an opportunity to get onto the internet again and also pass time whilst we waited for Ben to arrived.  A couple of platefuls of seafood later, laced with a couple of glasses of dry house wine (one beer only for for Trevor as he was driving) and Ben was there.  Hugs and kisses later (I've missed saying goodbye and hello to both of them!!) and Ben sat down to join for a bite.  Abby and Anthony went off to Black and White's for lunch with the hospital having confirmed Abby's malaria. 

After a suitable interval to digest food, we took off for a walk to Tofo Diving to enquire about sites, times and costs.  My god, Mozambique is going to price itself right out of the tourist diving market if they aren't careful - the cost of 2 dives here is the same as 5 dives in Sodwana Bay back in SA. 

At this point I must mention that we were also finding the accommodation and food expensive.  In fact, as we have traversed Africa we have seen prices and our daily costs progressively increase till we are now at our most expensive country.  Not a good thing........ I was moaning about the cost of entering game parks in Kenya and Tanzania (and they too are pricing themselves out of reach of most tourists) but it's cheaper for 2 people to drive the expensive game parks in Tanzania and Kenya for 24 hours than do 1 dive each...

So we set off back to the resort and "Pyro" Ben and Trevor set about building a fire to make banana bread.  I passed on the recipe to Kate and 1 hour later, a loaf of banana bread lay on a plate cooling down. 

Supper that night was in the restaurant and with me suffering the effects of my over-indulgence of seafood (or something) I settled on a soothing plate of butternut soup whilst Trevor hit the peri-peri chicken again (still not as good as Stop in Maxixe) and we retired to our room for cheese and biscuits and a couple of slices of banana bread.  A couple of hours later, the banana bread was finished, several cups of coffee drunk and we all decided that bed was in order so that we could prepare for our next day - Kate and Ben to collect their friends coming in from Oz and us to move on to Guinjata Bay.

#1 greg lloyd on 11.23.2009 at 6:29 AM

howzit? hope all went well with the boarder crossing @ komatiport.were all Sallys papers in order?we all made it back from casa lisa in one piece,and are all back @work,(ugly) my cell no.0834523334 .or 0363525964(h) i live in Estcourt Natal .i see by your route that youre not comming this way but if you need help in any way im only 1.5 hours inland from Durban.i have my own work shop (diesel repairs) so i can even sort Sally out if you need too.i will keep in touch ,but my wife Karen will be doing the typing ,my two fingers r tired already.enjoy your time in soon Greg.

Hey Greg

Thanks for a comment.  i have written the post for Day 221 (in which you star!!!!) but without a good internet connection, I haven't been able to post it.  Anyway, we made it to Hluhluwe in 1 piece on Saturday having driven straight through from Maputo (we left just after you guys).  Glad you made it home as well. 

Thanks a mill for your offer to help - we really appreciate it.  We need to get Sully serviced at Land Rover in Durbs as there are a couple of warranty repairs (minor!) that need to be done.  But I will keep your numbers and we'll look you up for a beer as at some stage as we we'll be driving past...

Take care and kind regards

Trevor & Jan