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Sent    : 20/12/2009

Author: Ben Cashman aka Daddy Cash

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Katie & Ben (L-R) Kate, Ben, Sonja, Claire, Natasha, Dickie, Jan, Trevor


Life long friends. That is the only way we can describe our recent travel duo, who over the last few months have been playing leapfrog with us from the class five rapids in Jinga and the farting silverbacks in Bwindi, through the parched savanna of the Serengeti and the crystal shores of the Zanzibar islands, zigzagging through the baobabs scattered along Lake Malawi (in between midnight runs to find diesel in the country’s capital) and deep into Mozambican diving territory on the cyclone swept shores of Tofo Bay. We are Kate and Ben, crazy travelling Australians on the intrepid adventure of a lifetime and our new leapfrog pair are yours truly: Jan and Trevor.

I hope they don’t mind that we have commandeered a portion of their web space (although given the pimped-ness of Sully, I am sure there are enough megabytes to go around!), to say a quick ‘Gday’ from the Australians! As you guys and gals have probably read in previous posts Jan, Trevor and the two of us hooked up with the Danby family in Dar es Salaam, and the eight of us packed up the Landcruisers (oh sorry you guys drive ‘Landrovers’, I sometimes mistake the rovers from a distance for the more superior and powerful bad) and headed for a holiday over to Nungwi on the northern tip of Zanzibar. Shame.

It really was the highlight of our African adventure to date. Diving Mnemba Atoll, snorkeling Shane’s Reef, and learning the most profound environmental statements from our lovable instructor Carlos; “Fush are friends, not food!” made relaxing by the beach bar of an evening that little bit easier. But we cannot forget the seafood. Even though they are friends, not food, our favourite haunt just north of East Africa Divers cooked up mouth watering calamari, dorado, fresh snapper, and great chups! To top off a stellar week of diving, chillaxing and seafood we were all privileged to be invited to Sonia Danby’s 9th birthday party, celebrated on the beach in style.

Katie and I have made it into South Africa now, after surviving the coastal gales that have rocked the Mozambican coastal towns of Tofo and Ponta do Oura, and will be meandering into Durban in a few days where we are desperately looking forward to smashing down a bunnychow with our new life long friends, J&T! Thanks for adding flavour and constant antics to our amazing eight month African adventure, and after some quality time in Durban we are even more excited about having you both (and Sully or course) visit and stay with us in Melbourne, Australia so that we can scoot down to Tasmania together and smoke a sheisha on the white sands of our East Coast.

Stay safe and all the best on the next leg of your journey, whether that takes you through Asia or into the land downunder. Nakupenda sana!