Day 395 Namibia : Rundu - Namutoni, Etosha National Park (ENP)

Day 395 Namibia

Trip Distance 439km (273m) Total Distance 7461km(4637m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 6hr hours    
Cost of diesel N$7.69 (£0.69)    
Namutoni Campsite S18 48.312 E16 56.510 N$300 (£27) - Clean ablutions, no hot water in ladies side, dusty dry campsite but with electricity, braai and tap

Waking bleary-eyed after a night of broken sleep, we got dressed, packed Sully up and before leaving Trevor dropped me off to have a chat to the manager.  He was extremely polite, listened attentively to my complaint and on my request to refund our money after addressing the issue of our bad night, he duly paid up and we left on good terms.

So it was off to do some last minute shopping and head for Etosha National Park.  First we passed through Grootfontein stopping for some lunch in the Spar, and then a quick visit to Tsumeb having heard that it was a beautiful town.  Um yes, it pretty but boring and nothing much there.  So with a last quick glance we headed for the park - much more interested in seeing some animals.  We had phoned NWR (Namibia Wildlife Resorts) at the beginning of the week only to be told that all the campsites in the park were fully booked.  We've never been much good at taking "no" for an answer, so we set off anyway ready to plead, beg, cajole and/or argue for entry.  We needn't have worried at all as the campsites were all at only 50% occupancy (even over the weekend) and they had plenty of space for us. 

A point I feel I must make, is that the NWR campsites throughout Namibia have proved to be a let-down.  Considering the hefty costs that we were paying (and these are SADC rates, Europeans pay even more), the campsites, despite what looks like recent facelifts, are rundown and neglected with dripping taps and pouring loos even in the face of notices on the walls asking campers to "save water, it's precious" and we have yet to utilise an NWR campsite where both ladies and gents showers are working 100% (it's either hot water or cold water, in some cases no choice, and the 2 never seem to work together). 

In addition, Namutoni proved to be a little disappointing in terms of animal sightings - even the common old impala were scarce.  Sitting at the waterhole that evening, we saw a few birds scattered around but nothing worth writing home about.  We retired to bed a little disappointed but with the thought that we would be driving through the park the next day and would probably see a little more life.