Day 396 Namibia : Namutoni - Halali, ENP

We woke up at sparrows and set off for a morning game drive on the way to the next camp about 70kms away.  The sun rose and as we ate our breakfast on the go, we came across a few animals in the first hour or so

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but this petered away to nothing after 7:30am.  By the time we had reached Halali at 11:30am after a 4.5hr slow drive, we were pretty fed up and a bit disallusioned.  Where were the animals?  We were, after all, in a national park. 

So we set up camp and prepared to make our way to the waterhole after another quick cold shower for me and a boiling hot one for Trevor.  The waterhole proved to be a bit busier than at Namutoni and we whiled away a couple of hours quietly watching the comings and goings of a black rhino, some kudu and thousands of sand grouse as they arrived at sunset to collect water in their breast feathers to take back to their nests.

A little more mollified, although still feeling a little cheated, we went to bed for another early start the next day.