Day 397 Namibia : Halali - Okaukuejo, ENP

We decided to have a lie in and ended up only leaving Halali at around 10am.  We needn't have worried because as we left, the animals began to appear in their hundreds!  At around 12:30 we pulled into the Rietfontein water hole to have a break and some lunch.  For the next hour and half we watched in fascination at a stand-off building and building.  When we arrived there were 5 lions lazing about at the edge of the water and no other animalsb_P1000696 .  But slowly over the next 90 minutes, zebra, kudu, springbok, wildebeest and gemsbok drifted in until there must have been over 500 animals, slowly surrounding the waterhole but never venturing towards the water knowing that danger lurked there - desperately wanting water but not being able to get anya_P1000717 a_a_P1000709   .  We waited and waited thinking that at any moment the lions would leap into a hunt but it was not to be....

As we drove away, we (well, it was Trevor really!) spotted something large and white moving slowly through the thorn bushes ahead.  Now I have heard of seeing pink elephants before....(after a serious jol) but white ones????????  Turns out, dear reader, that it was not our imagination but the elephants do indeed look white due to the covering of mud over their bodies - Phew!!!


We arrived at reception to book in having been told by reception at Halali that Okaukuejo was full, but never taking no for an answer, we tried anyway.  Turns out they were at about 40% occupancy!!!  Never believe what anyone tells you till you see it with your own eyes.  So we duly found a spot, set up, had a shower (this time hot for me and cold for Trevor) and went to sit at the water hole for a few hours before our night drive.  It was an amazing viewing and as we sat there, giraffe, black rhino, zebra, elephants, black backed jackals, impala, kudu and springbok paraded in front of us - it was wonderful!  From seeing very few animals in the north, here we were being treated to a smorgasbord of them.

And so it continued on our night drive.  As we exited the gate we bumped into a pride of 8 lions moving northwards and stayed watching them for 20 minutes. Black rhino, cape fox, bat eared fox, jackals, impala, springbok, spotted eagle owls, thick-knees and wild cat appeared during our drive and then slunk off into the night.  We no longer felt cheated as we drifted off to sleep that night.