Day 410 Botswana : Okahandja - Ghanzi

Day 410 Botswana

Trip Distance 771km (479m) Total Distance 9905km(6156m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 9.5hrs    
Cost of diesel P6.65(£0.64)    
Thakadu Camp, Ghanzi S21 44.362 E21 40.709 P100 (£10) - Great showers, individual campsites, restaurant, friendly management

Friday dawned as our last day on the farm.  We made plans to leave with Bossie and meet up with him in Windhoek back at their house for a few more days with him and Jackie before heading south.  But as we left, something made me check our passports to see when our visas expired.  BUGGER!!!!  Although we had requested 60 days when we had entered at the beginning of the month, the visa had been issued for 21 days, I had not checked... and this was the last day.  We went off to Windhoek to the Home Affairs office to request an extension, and although we had paid nothing to enter Namibia, they wanted us to pay US$60 each for an extension.  Not a chance!  So we contacted Bossie & Jackie and with some haste made our way to the border, 320kms away. 

Not what we wanted. 

We hadn't said our proper goodbyes to Jackie & Bossie. 

We hadn't been able to tell them what an amazing time we had. 

We hadn't been able to say thank you. 

We left because we had to.

Again we crossed over to Botswana with little incident or hassle and within 20 minutes were on the road to Ghanzi.  Some 20kms from the border we stopped to unpacked the frozen warthog meat and gemsbok liver that we had secreted away in the roof box in a cooler bag - they definitely weren't going to confiscate this from us at border crossing - not without a fight anyway!  But we needn't have worried because we weren't checked anyway.  Always does to be cautious though!

An exhausting 771kms later and we approached it as night slowly crept in.  After a bit of shopping and drawing of cash we made our way to Thakadu in the dark, pitched the tent, went for supper in the restaurant and fell into an exhausted sleep in the freezing cold, clear night.