Day 355 - 356 Botswana : Hammanskraal - Francistown

Day 355 Botswana

Trip Distance 673km (418m) Total Distance 1717km(1067m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 8 hrs    
Cost of diesel P6.040 (£0.544)    
Woodlands Stop Over S21 04.870
E27 27.863
P136 (£13.13) - Beautifully maintained grass area for parking.  Clean bathrooms, hot water, electricity.  Great hospitality.


a_P1000066 Parked up in the morning before leaving Kwalata (Land Rover 2 - Land Cruiser 0) :o)))

It was another early start to get on the road.  We have a huge chunk of travel that we need to put behind us to get to Zambia to start our holiday.  So after some coffee and homemade biscuits (thanks, Elly, they were great) off we went. 

We had decided in Matat to buy some meat to take with us despite having been told that it might be confiscated at the Botswana border - they are sticky about fresh products into their country because of Foot & Mouth.  But we needn't have worried as we were never searched and our illicit meat remained in our freezers.  We think this may have been because of the hectic time the border officials had had over Easter weekend where they were having to stay open 24hours a day to process the traffic.  Thank goodness we ended up one day behind the fiasco at every hop across the borders.

An uneventful crossing into Botswana cost us BP160 and this included a return trip i.e.multiple entry.  This was for road tax and BP50 for 3rd party insurance.   SIngle entry costs BP100.  We had a moments anxiety about the fresh meat we were carrying when we went through the first Vet Fence crossing just beyond the border but all was well and we passed through without a murmur.

Miles and miles of straight road passed as we ate up the distance getting ever closer to Zambia.  After a quick stop for a brunch we set off again and finally reached Francistown.  We found a campsite from a recommendation that Pete had been given and it was a haven.  The sites were beautifully grassed, electricity and water available and the ablution blocks had delightful showers - hot, plenty of room and plenty of place to hang stuff (this is important when travelling!).

Another quick supper and we were off to bed.  We were all exhausted from the huge distance that we had travelled over the last 2 days so we decided that we would stop over for an additional day if they had space - we would address this when we woke up.  We dragged ourselves off to bed for a good sleep.

We finally woke up after a great sleep, checked with camp management - yes, they had space, moved the vehicles to a bigger spot so that we could stretch out a bit and relaxed into a great day of rest.  A while later the camp manager brought over some Easter eggs wishing us a Happy Easter - a great touch!  In our rush we had forgotten that it was Easter.  Eggs demolished, we lazed back in the sun and dozed and pottered through the rest of the day. 

After some route planning for the next day and a hot cup of rooibos, we crept up to bed and tucked in for the night.

#1 Tracey on 4.13.2010 at 6:44 PM

Hey all

Lovely to see your photos - so glad you back on the road and your are free again - be safe and take care




Hi doll

Looking after ourselves and having a great rest at Mukambi Safari Lodge in Kafue national Park.  No comms here so using the managers satellite.  Will be in Lusaka next week so will send more news.  Hope you are keeping well.


#2 Joerg and Anja on 4.17.2010 at 3:06 PM

We are sitting in the sun on the balcony and are enjoying the weekend. With a little phantasy, it's like being in Africa.

Enjoy your trip and write some articles so that we can travel with you in our thoughts :-)

Say hallo to Maureen and Pete

Joerg and Anja



Hi both

Lovely to hear from you!!!  Having a ball in Western Zambia - it's fabulous here in Kafue National Park.  Lions, elephants, hippos, warthog and puku visit us regularly in the bushcamp at Mukambi Safari Lodge where we are staying .  The managers here are fantastic and it'll be a wrench to tear ourselves away ... but we have to eventually so will be making our way back to Lusaka next week.  Love sent to Mau & Pete.  They left us on Friday wil an expected 5 days back to SA but they hit the road running and made it back in 3 days!!!!!!  Have made some changes to our travel but its not certain yet.  We will let you know as soon as we have a definite plan. 


Trevor & Janxx

#3 Kate & Ben on 4.18.2010 at 11:50 PM

All sounding fantastic guys... hope the journey into Zambia has gone well. A huge hug sent out to all of you, including Maureen and Pete, and we wish we were there.. especially as this PhD is starting to kick in!!! :)

Love you both, can't wait to hear more.