Day 064 Egypt : Aqaba - Nuweiba

Day 064 Egypt

Trip Distance 18 km (11 m) Total Distance 8251 km (5128 m)
Diesel Costs EP1.10 (£0.11!!) The cheapest yet  
Al Anhwa Camping & Restaurant N29.02406 E34.67232 EP50 including electricity - so we ran our fan all night!

Tuesday morning dawned hot and dry in Aqaba as we got up at 5:30am to pack Sully up in the relative cool of the early morning.  I say relative, because as you know at this stage, Aqaba is as hot as Hades even at 6am!

Here we are outside the Red Sea Dive Centre with Abdul-Rahman - as amazing diver and a wonderful guy.  He's one of those genuine people that you just take to your heart.  He took us for our most memorable dives as our DM.

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All the overlanders together at Red Sea Dive Centre before we left:
(L-R) Joerg, Anja, Ulf, Markus, Trevor, Jan

So we kissed and hugged goodbye and were on our way.  Bye bye Jordan and HELLO Egypt.

With strains of "On the road again" ringing in our ears, and after a relatively easy entry into Egypt, we set off to find somewhere to rest.  We had been excited to be back on the road and in EGYPT (!!!!) but our excitement had waned somewhat as the ferry delay had stretched out in front of us.  Much to our delight, we are happy to report that in comparison to Aqaba, Egypt felt cooler by at least 10degC.  We were bouyed by that but still drove out of the port at about 19:30 feeling tired and a bit jaded after the long wait and the customs process.

We drove around Nuweiba looking for somewhere to camp, found Al Anhwa and settled in parking Sully in the far back corner hoping for some shade in the morning so that we could have a lie in.  The campsite was ok, the bathrooms dirty, the water cold but the meal of fresh fish and salads prepared for us in the restaurant an absolute delight.  We wiled away the time after supper sitting on the beach in the welcome sea-breeze, watching the stars and dozing off every now and again till eventually we dragged ourselves off to bed.