Day 067 Egypt : Cairo

As the sun set, we gazed up into the sky around us this evening and we have never, ever, NEVER seen a squadron so disciplined, so beautifully developed, each individual so incredibly in tune with each other.  Never seen manoeuvres so well-timed and co-ordinated. 

So immune to industrial strength DEET. 

The scene: Hundreds of mozzies homing in on us as our sweet-smelling blood played a siren call to their senses.  Whiling away their daylight hours in the stagnant bliss of the Nile just alongside the campsite. 

We found that the Eezi-awn T-Top (the extra bit beyond the ladder) is a great place for mozzies to hover and launch an all-out attack on you as you enter the tent.  And unless you're Elastic Man and can enter the tent through a 1cm space, they dive in after you in droves and you look like a pin cushion the next day.  We eventually worked out that if we hosed the T-Top bit down just before entering the tent with industrial strength Flying Insect Killer Spray, and keep this bit closed through the night, we managed to get by the hovering squaddies and sleep peacefully under the Egyptian night skies (behind the mozzie netting, of course!).

As sun rises, the mozzies drift off to their stagnant home ladened with stolen blood and the flies take over bombing duties.  The can of industrial strength Flying Insect Killer Spray comes back into play and the cycle starts anew.

Life in Africa is good.  Mostly.