Day 068 Egypt : Cairo

We awoke this morning to an overcast day and our hearts sang at the thought of a bit of cooling rain.  Weird huh?  That we should have left behind "Pudding Island" and moaning about too much rain, to be here in the hottest part of the year on the edge of the desert hankering after some precipitation. But 74 days of almost constant sun leaves us a bit parched and in need of some moisture.  Within a couple of hours though we were to be a bit disappointed as the blazing sun burnt off the clouds and a new sunny day began again.

Despite being told by our taxi driver, Khalid, that the embassies were all closed on Saturday, we had read on Bob & Jackie's blog that they had been to the Ethiopian Embassy on a Saturday a couple of weeks ahead of us, so off we trotted.  YES, the taxi driver was right, and NO, there are no embassies or consulates open on a Friday or Saturday so don't even bother trying.

With that we decided, that as it was a little hazy, we would take a trip to the Cairo Museum.  Fending off the touts at the entrance with a vigorous "la-a" after 2 polite "no thanks, we don't need a taxi/perfume/good time/shopping/rolex" (delete where applicable!), we finally got through 3 sets of security only to discover when we tried to go into the museum at the 4th load of security, that cameras weren't allowed.  So back to Security Step no.3, hand in the backpack with cameras inside and hope that we don't get held to ransom getting the bag back (PS: we didn't) and then back into the museum.

The bottom floor is laid out in chronological order whilst upstairs the rooms and areas are allocated as specialist subjects eg. jewellery (breathtaking!) and carriages and chariots (Geeky Trevor got really excited here!).  Suffice it to say, it was quite crowded although not too bad as it is out of season in Egypt at the moment, but a wonderful (if somewhat creepy) 3 hours wandering around coffins, mummies and antiquities over 4000 years old.