Day 069 Egypt : Cairo

Another sunny day dawned without teasing us with clouds today!  SMSs came through from home for Trevor wishing him a happy father's day and so our day started happily.  Khalid ushered us into the taxi at 8am in time to get us to the Ethiopian Embassy at 9am sharp as it opened.  Applications and passports were delivered to the administrator and we were off to the Pyramids of Giza.  The Pyramids of Giza - wow!  Read about in books, seen on the big screen and watched on National Geographic but never to be seen in person till now.  WOW.

We arrived with strict instructions from Khalid to dismiss the touts immediately and not to even entertain any conversation with them as they would suck us in.  We entered the gates and the Sphinx rose before us.  I grabbed the camera to capture the moment only to be met with a blank screen and a dead battery.  Lesson 3143: remember to check and charge batteries before missing capturing "bucket list" moments. 

You'd have thought I'd have learnt this lesson having done it before and missed taking photos of our first shark dive in Aliwal Shoal.  But, no, here I'd done it again.  I was as mad as a snake.  It was my responsibility and my mistake and it was unforgivable to have repeated it.  Looking around I noticed a tout with some instamatic cameras.  Obviously I was not the only one to ever have done this.  But he had cornered a niche market and as a captive audience with no other option I was forced to pay EP100 (a ripoff!!!) to buy the camera.  To the tout: may you get crabs and your fingers turn to fish-hooks!!

Onward and upward.  Said instamatic was duly used to capture the moments but still remains unprocessed in Sully's cab.  So presently I don't have anything to show you.... but watch this space... you may well see something yet.  In the meantime...



The update as promised and photos from our very crappy but very expensive instamatic

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